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Our Latest Restoration and Cleaning Projects – Rhode Island and Connecticut

Burst Pipes Water Damage Cleanup In Block Island



When it comes to burst pipes in Rhode Island and Connecticut, ServiceMaster by Mason is available at all times of the day to help – even at Block Island! As soon as we received word that there was trouble in one of the homes, Ryan Mason quickly responded to assess the damage of a broken pipe from a baseboard heater.

He found that the broken pipe was pouring water into the bedroom, damaging the flooring, carpet, and even running along the exterior walls to affect additional rooms. After calling for help, Head Technicians Jeff Moriarty and David Epps ferried over to assist with the restoration.

They carefully removed all affected carpeting, exterior walls, and insulation in both the bedroom and dining room, as well as 10′ of cabinetry to restore another damaged walls.


After using advanced products and methods to completely dry all areas, cleaning and applying anti-microbial spray to prevent mold growth, and throwing away the debris, ServiceMaster by Mason had successfully restored the home and the homeowners’ peace of mind.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Westerly, RI


Depending on the type and size of a business, they will have small and large cleaning needs, needs that can be satisfied by our technicians at ServiceMaster by Mason. When a pizza kitchen in Westerly, RI had requested that their kitchen’s interior awning be cleaned, Phil Mason and his cleaning team had tackled the challenge.Commercial-Cleaning-Westerly-RI

As soon as we arrived, we first covered all kitchen items and then got to work, using advanced products and cleaning process to fully clean the fabric awning. This was done in the early morning hours before the business had opened to avoid disrupting the operations of the business. After every inch was sanitized and cleaned, our team had exceeded the restaurant staff’s expectations. It was a good day for everyone as they enjoyed the restored, clean look to their kitchen!

Burst Pipe Water Restoration in Wilcox Park, Westerly, RI


As frozen pipes are common in the later months of winter, some homes and businesses experience the disaster of them bursting, sending water in all directions and flooding the surrounding areas. When a Westerly, RI home had experienced this catastrophe, they had found water damage on all three levels. Not hesitating to take action, the owners called ServiceMaster by Mason.


As soon as our technicians arrived, they immediately began extracting the standing water and conducting controlled demolition. Removing porous materials, including the drywall, wood floors and subfloors, paneling, and ceiling joists in the first and second floor bedrooms, living and dining rooms, den, kitchen, hallways, and stairwell. They had also worked on the water issues in the concrete foundation as well as additional electrical needs, removing all contaminated items.

During the drying process, our ServiceMaster by Mason professionals closely monitored the equipment, HEPA-vacuumed finite dirt, dust, debris, and plaster, and used an anti-microbial spray to prevent mold growth. After using advanced products and equipment, they were able to successfully restore the home to its original condition.

Burst Pipe Water Damage Cleanup in Westerly, RI Business



Burst pipes are among the most disastrous type of water damage that have been known to devastate homes and businesses. When they freeze and burst, water is sent in all directions, drenching all surrounding building materials. If left to sit, the water can spread to affect additional materials, harboring the perfect conditions for mold growth.

When this situation had occurred to the lower level of a local Westerly, RI business, the owners took immediate action to call ServiceMaster by Mason! Our technicians had responded quickly, arriving with professional water extraction and dehumidification equipment. They quickly mitigated all standing water and began controlled demolition to remove the soiled porous materials, including: carpeting, insulation, drywall, and cabinets in all hallways, kitchen and conference room, offices, and closets.


They had also addressed the secondary damage caused by the moisture seeping through from the wet floor above. Our technicians quickly set up and monitored professional drying equipment to prevent the damage from spreading. This was followed by HEPA vacuuming finite dirt and debris and applying anti-microbial spray to prevent any potential mold growth.

Using the latest products and processes to restore the business from the damage, ServiceMaster by Mason had finished the job while minimizing overall downtime. The owners had deemed the work a job well done!

Puffback Cleanup in Bolton, CT Home

Furnace puffbacks are common in the New England area, being that many homes are still equipped with oil furnace systems. Puffbacks occur when the furnace malfunctions, sending finite soot and oil residue throughout the room and sometimes multiple levels of the home. This was exactly what happened to a historical Bolton, CT home. As soon as the owners noticed, they called ServiceMaster by Mason for help!


Our technicians responded right away, arriving on time to assess the damage from the puffback. There were considerable amounts of soot and oily residue on the walls, floors, ceiling, fabrics, furniture, clothes, and other personal belongings throughout the home and attic. While being careful not to disturb the integrity of the home, the technicians had set up a unique containment chamber to avoid contaminating the unaffected areas.

All permanently damaged belongings were removed, including carpet and furniture. The rest of the home and items were cleaned and sanitized using professional products and perfected processes to remove the soot and oil residue. Our technicians proceeded with using HEPA vacuums to along the walls and ceilings to remove the remaining dust, dirt, and debris.

After multiple days of cleaning, sanitizing, and packing out personal belongings to be cleaned and restored in our climate-controlled facility, ServiceMaster by Mason had worked diligently to restore all items to their original conditions. Next, the home was prepared for Phase 2 of the cleaning process: water damage restoration and mold remediation.

Fire Damage Restoration in Westbrook, CT HomeFire-Smoke-Damage-Home-Connecticut

Nothing can be more traumatizing than to find your home and personal belongings covered in smoke and soot byproducts leftover from a property fire. When the flames had spread throughout a bathroom and master bedroom of a Westbrook, CT home, the owners had little time to react. The rooms and personal belongings inside had suffered from fire, smoke, and water damage, a mess that needed immediate attention in order to be restored.

The owners wasted no time in calling ServiceMaster by Mason. Our technicians responded immediately, installing portable generators for required power, made use of specialty equipment to remove the heavy smoke smell from the air, conducted controlled demolition throughout the home to remove hardwood floors, drywall, and 800+ square feet of insulation.ServiceMaster-Technician-Cleaning-Smoke Damage

Following demolition, our trained technicians used specialized cleaning products and processes to clean and dry out each room that was affected by water and smoke damage. This was followed by setting up containment chambers to prevent additional contamination to other areas of the home. Finally, after hard work and determination, both the property and homeowners peace of mind were restored.

ServiceMaster by Mason Helps with Cleanup in Georgia from Hurricane Michael



After ripping through the southeast coastline, Hurricane Michael has left some major damage in multiple states. But after weeks of hard work and persistence in a small Georgia town known, as Donalsonville, GA, ServiceMaster by Mason’s technician, Jeff Moriarty, has returned to Rhode Island!

Throughout his stay in Georgia, he conducted both water and mold damage cleanup, restoring local properties to safe living conditions. Among these properties included Pearlie’s Women & Men’s Apparel retail store.

In addition to water damage cleanup and mold remediation, Jeff also aided in necessary demolition, reconstruction, and provided emergency power throughout the service. Working on both small and large properties, he worked efficiently and effectively to restore both the structures and residents’ peace of mind.

Mold Remediation in Connecticut Elementary School


Mold is never something to be taken lightly; action should be taken immediately as soon as it’s found. That’s exactly what the staff at a local elementary school in Connecticut had done, by calling ServiceMaster by Mason.


Our owners, Ryan and Phil Mason, responded immediately with a team of experienced technicians. As soon as they arrived, they began cleaning out hallways, classrooms, stages, as well as other areas affected by the mold growth.

One of the areas affected proved to be more challenging, with walls reaching over 21 feet. But our team made use of professional equipment to address the area, using harnesses and scissor lifts to remove the mold from the high areas.

The team then progressed to remove content from each classroom, packing it out into hundreds of boxes to be cleaned later. They then isolated the affected areas to prevent the mold from spreading, creating containment chambers on the property. After using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our technicians conducted detailed cleaning and sanitizing in the affected areas, used an anti-microbial spray to prevent future growth, and HEPA-vaccuumed the remaining mold spores.


Finally, negative air chambers were set up to keep the environment safe for the kids until the cleaning was completed. But our technicians made sure to only work in the evenings and weekends to not disturb classroom sessions. After restoring a clean learning environment for the faculty, staff, and students, ServiceMaster by Mason was proud to call it a job well done!

Water Damage in Salvation Army Building



Water damage is never something to be ignored. As soon as it affects one area, it will spread to others, developing the perfect conditions for mold growth. This was exactly what happened to a local Salvation Army building in Hartford, CT. As soon as the staff noticed the damage, they called ServiceMaster by Mason.

Our technicians responded immediately, providing all of the following services:

  • Set up drying equipment on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building
  • Conducted controlled demolition to the affected areas
    • Removed damaged drywall and ceiling layers
  • HEPA vacuum mold growth, dust, and other debris using advanced products
  • Applied anti-microbial growth spray to prevent the spread of moldMold-Remediation-Ceiling-Tiles
  • Set up containment chambers to prevent the mold from spreading
  • Deep cleaned the following:
    • Contents
    • Kitchen
    • Bathrooms
    • Carpets
    • Floors

All of the work provided by ServiceMaster by Mason was performed in accordance with a number of plumbers and electricians. To ensure a team effort in restoring the facility, everyone worked together efficiently and effectively. After providing a number of social services for the local residents and homeless individuals, everyone was able to return to a fully restored facility.

Drain Pipe Backup in Westerly, RI Building


While water damage is common and causes a number of inconveniences for property owners, businesses are left in a sticky situation. This was exactly the case for a local business in Westerly, RI when they experienced a drain pipe backup that had flooded the walls, floors, ceiling, and even the businesses below!

As soon as the staff had noticed, they took immediate action to call ServiceMaster by Mason. Our owners, Phil and Ryan Mason, were quick to respond with a team of experienced water damage cleanup technicians. Upon our arrival, they extracted all standing water, followed by drying out the remaining materials with professional restoration equipment, using advanced products to prevent microbial (mold) growth, and then removing and hauling away soiled structural materials.ServiceMaster-Restore-Vans-Outside-Building

At ServiceMaster by Mason, our professionals are quick to restore a number of materials, including drywall, ceiling tile, floor tile, wood flooring, and tin. With business environments like offices, storage closets, hallways, and store-fronts experiencing water damage, they must be restored right away to limit interruptions to their daily operations. So our team worked late into the night in order to put the business back in business by the following day.

May 21, 2019
Block Island, RI
Prompt, knowledgeable, great customer service, thorough, goes the extra yard, conscientious, professional , communicative, excellent cleaning standards.
April 25, 2019
Glastonbury, CT
The Service Coordinator as well as the on site service personnel were very attentive, informative and cooperative. Put me at ease during an extremely stressful time.
April 4, 2019
Middletown, CT
Quick response, even on a weekend. Very thorough with the process.
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