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How to Convert your Disaster Restoration Leads into Jobs

The biggest challenge when it comes to leads for restoration contractors is following up with a good lead and converting it into a booked job. If your restoration business is getting a good number of leads but not converting at a high enough rate, try the following tips to improve […]

Brand concept

How to Improve Your Brand Recognition

In this guide, we will discuss how to establish and boost your brand recognition as well as how to measure the success of spreading brand awareness.  Establishing a brand that resonates with your target audience and effectively spreading awareness of your brand will help you increase lead generation and grow […]

good review

How to Make Customers Love Your Business

In this guide, we will cover the most important steps your business can take when interacting with customers to earn their trust and build your reputation.  Improving the customer experience will make customers love your business and their good reviews and referrals will help you grow your business.

contractor hiring

Key Things to Know Before Hiring a New Contractor

How do you select a contractor you can trust? Knowing a little bit more about the role of the contractor, like the credentials they need and the laws they must follow, will help ensure that you hire someone who’s well-equipped for the job. Here’s what to expect so that you […]

business success

How to Make Sure That Your Restoration Business is Working Well

The public relies on you to help restore their home or business after water damage, fire damage, mold damage, or other potential hazards. But how can you ensure you are still providing satisfactory service and your business is working well? Read on to learn about several ways to ensure your […]

content marketing

Why Your Digital Marketing Campaign Should be Outsourced to a Professional

While some contractors may be hesitant to work with a digital marketing professional, there are actually many benefits, including saving your business time and money while putting this job in the hands of experts. The following are the main reasons why contractors should outsource their digital marketing.

ServiceMaster by Mason

ServiceMaster by Mason – RestorationMaster Case Study

While some lead generation campaigns will demand more work and time than others to become successful, the combination of persistence, dedication and client participation will ultimately lead to a significant return on investment. Our digital marketing experts are passionate about their work and driven to produce results for each client, […]

business partner

What’s Right for Your Digital Marketing: Multiple Vendors or One Partner?

In this guide, we will discuss how working with multiple vendors, or one full-service digital marketing agency can affect different aspects of your online marketing campaign. This information can help contractors decide the best approach to take when it comes to working with digital marketing professionals.


What to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

In this guide, we will cover the most important questions for you to ask when looking for a digital marketing professional.  This will help ensure that you hire a marketing professional who has your business’s best interests in mind and will work to increase your leads and improve your ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RMF offers exclusive territories and non-competitive leads to local businesses and contractors, versus bidding over a lead with your competitors. Additionally, your RMF site will feature your business information and promote your brand to potential clients. RMF is not a directory.

digital marketing

Can Social Media Help Generate Quality Restoration Leads?

Social media is a great place to build brand awareness and trust, and attract new potential customers. In this guide, we will explore the different social media platforms, social media marketing tactics, and mistakes to avoid to help contractors generate leads from social media.

online reviews

The Value of Getting Google Reviews

For businesses to increase their customer base, they need to not only provide a quality product or service, but also gain credibility and trust. One of the best ways to build credibility for your brand and increase your online reputation is by getting good Google reviews.

Restoration Cleaning Contractor Leads

Lead Generation Tips for Disaster Restoration Companies and Contractors

Lead generation for independent contractors has been a growing trend for years now. The downside is that it grows increasingly competitive along with its popularity; with more opportunities brews more competition. Here are some important lead generation tips for independent contractors with limited time and commitment to quality.

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