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Our Latest Restoration and Cleaning Projects – Rhode Island and Connecticut

Water Damage Drying Services

(401) 205-8130

Known for their dedication to restoring homes and buildings from severe destruction, Water Damage Drying Services’ team of experienced professionals uses advanced equipment to return building materials and personal items to their original conditions. From flood extraction to complete reconstruction, we have the capacity to handle projects of all sizes in all of the following counties: Washington, Kent, New London, Newport, Bristol, Tolland, Windham, Hartford, and Middlesex.

Our technicians are available 24/7 and will quickly respond to all emergency calls to prevent further damage to all affected surfaces.

For questions regarding these projects or our services, please don’t hesitate to call us at (401) 205-8130 and we will be more than happy to assist you!

Water Mitigation Project in Middlefield, CT


Water Damage Mitigation project in Middlefield CTWater mitigation is an essential step in addressing water damage to ensure that every corner of your home is thoroughly dried and restored. If you encounter water damage in your home, reach out to a professional as fast as possible. When a pipe burst in a Middlefield CT home, we were ready to help!

Water from the broken pipe under a bathroom sink quickly spread to multiple rooms of the home and even leaked into the basement below. Our team immediately extracted the standing water, determined the water’s path, and identified all affected items. We deployed our powerful equipment to begin drying the home and belongings thoroughly. Damaged items were discarded, and questionable materials were sent for testing before we proceeded with the necessary demolition services. Our team monitors the drying equipment daily to ensure we return their home to its normal state, allowing the homeowners to enjoy their space once again.


Water Mitigation Project in Cumberland, RI


Water Mitigation Project in Cumberland RITimely water damage mitigation is crucial to prevent extensive damage and costly repairs. When water damage occurs, acting quickly can mean the difference between a simple fix and a major renovation. When a bathroom toilet overflowed in a Cumberland, RI home, hundreds of gallons of water gushed through the flooring and into the rooms below. The homeowners knew there was no time to waste and called us for water mitigation and drying services!

Our team quickly responded to assess the water damage, set up containment and professional drying equipment, and remove severely affected tile, carpets, and flooring materials. Our containment protected all non-affected items and prevented dust and debris from reaching other areas as we carefully removed ceiling materials in the living room and kitchen and a portion of walls, preparing the rooms for reconstruction. To prevent mold growth, our technicians ensured all remaining items and spaces were thoroughly dried and used a commercial anti-microbial product. We worked hard to restore their home and peace of mind.


Sewer Backup Cleaning Project in Putnam, CT


Sewer Cleanup in Putnam CT HousingSewage spills pose serious health risks and environmental hazards, it is crucial to reach to professionals as soon as possible for sewage and biohazard cleanup. Beyond the foul odor and unsightly mess, sewage contains harmful pathogens and contaminants that can endanger both human health and the ecosystem. Even a small amount of sewage and its “dirty water” contains harmful pathogens and needs to be cleaned-up by the experts.

When a drainage pipe in a Putnam apartment got clogged, it caused sewage to spill into their unfinished basement. They reached out to us for assistance! Our team quickly got to work, removing the standing water and debris. We used powerful truck-mounted equipment to thoroughly clean and sanitize all the floors and walls. We also disinfected the tenant’s belongings that were affected and packed them carefully in boxes and bags to keep them safe. To prevent mold from growing, our Technicians used a special anti-microbial agent in all the affected areas. They worked diligently to make sure the home was clean and healthy again.

HVAC Cleaning Project in Weekapaug, RI


HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning Job in Weekapaug RIRegular HVAC cleaning is essential for maintaining indoor air quality and ensuring the efficient operation of your heating and cooling systems. Whether your HVAC system hasn’t seen a cleaning in years or recent renovations have stirred up dust in your air ducts, our technicians are ready to tackle the job and improve your indoor air quality, just as we recently did for four homes and a commercial property in Weekapaug, RI.

Using our pressurized “whip system,” we loosened trapped dirt, dust, pollen, hair, and debris within the ductwork. After sealing all vent covers, our high-powered vacuum exhaust system efficiently removed all contaminants, depositing them into our trailer’s waste system. With meticulous attention to detail, our technicians then cleaned and sanitized all vent covers, leaving the HVAC system thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.


Water and Mold Cleanup Project in Gales Ferry, CT


Water Damage Cleanup in Gales Ferry CT

Water damage is a pervasive and often unexpected threat that can wreak havoc on homes and businesses alike. Sometimes, even the source of water damage is hard to find. Our skilled technicians excel at detecting sources of water damage and executing thorough cleanup procedures. In a recent incident in Gales Ferry, CT, a punctured water pipe led to significant water intrusion and mold growth. Employing powerful equipment, we swiftly initiated drying processes and implemented containment measures to halt the spread of mold.

Our comprehensive restoration efforts included the removal of damaged walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as the disposal of affected belongings. To safeguard against future mold growth, we applied antimicrobial treatments and meticulously cleaned the garage’s concrete floor. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to not only restore the home but also restore peace of mind to its occupants.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Project in Westerly, RI


Commercial Floor Cleaning Project Misquam Sandwich Westerly RI 2024Your business’ floors are the first thing customers, employees and guests notice when entering your doors, but everyday wear-and-tear from foot-traffic can make them appear dull and dirty.  Regular commercial floor cleaning is essential for maintaining a professional and welcoming environment for customers and employees alike. It not only enhances the appearance of your business but also extends the lifespan of your floors, promotes health and safety by removing dirt and germs, and preserves the value of your investment in flooring materials.

When the Misquamicut Sandwich Company wanted to refresh their tile floors for their seasonal grand opening, they called us for help! Our floor-cleaning experts, Collin & Russell, carefully removed the previous floor coating before using powerful truck-mounted equipment and the latest cleaning products to eliminate dirt, stains and scratches. Once professionally cleaned and sanitized, they applied a fresh coat of wax for floors to look like new.


Vandalism Cleanup Project in Norwich, CT


Vandalism Cleanup in Norwich CT

Vandalism can range from graffiti and broken windows to more severe property damage, leaving businesses and communities feeling vulnerable and unsafe.  Accidents happen and when they do, businesses need a quick response to limit interruptions to their customers, visitors and staff.  When accidents strike, quick and effective vandalism cleanup is crucial to restoring the affected area and maintaining its integrity. So, when a driver mistakenly drove into the wall of a Norwich CT business, they called us for help!

Our Technicians quickly responded to board-up and secure this popular liquor store from vandals, animals and prevent further damage. Our experienced team thoroughly cleaned up broken glass, removed damaged products and shelving, tackled odors from spilled products, and washed floors, walls, shelves and all affected spaces. We worked hard to get this local business back in business and ready to serve their customers again.

Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning Project in Westerly, RI


HVAC and Air dcut Cleaning Westerly RI Yacht 2Air duct and HVAC cleaning play a crucial role in maintaining indoor air quality and ensuring the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Regular air duct and HVAC cleaning is essential for businesses, ensuring a clean, healthy, and efficient working environment.

Over time, dust, debris and bacteria can build-up in your HVAC system affecting air quality and even creating malodors. And when construction projects are underway, that finite dirt finds its way into air ducts as well.  Our team worked hard to thoroughly clean the air ducts at the Westerly Yacht Club in Westerly, Rhode Island in their recently remodeled Banquet Hall. Our powerful truck-mounted equipment removed trapped debris to improve air quality and help their system work more efficiently.

Commercial Cleaning Project in Narragansett, RI


Commercial Cleaning in School Kitchen in Rhode IslandIn schools and kitchens, cleanliness is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment. Professional commercial cleaning services play a vital role in ensuring hygiene standards are met. From preventing the spread of germs to promoting a safe and welcoming atmosphere, these services contribute to the well-being of students, staff, and visitors alike.

Our team are experts at cleaning commercial spaces big and small, so when a private school in Narragansett RI wanted extra cleaning-care for their facility’s kitchen, they knew we could help! Dirt, grease & dust were no match for us! We used the latest products to thoroughly clean and sanitize appliances, tile walls and ceilings, windows, counters, lights, and equipment. We refreshed dull tile & grout floors with slip-resistant products to avoid slips and falls and scheduled our services after-hours to not interrupt their busy daytime schedule. Our Technicians worked hard to create a clean and safe space for all to enjoy.

Commercial Cleaning Project in Westerly, RI


Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Westerly RI EdWhen businesses big & small need carpets cleaned, they call us for help!  Everyday foot traffic at businesses can cause wear-and-tear on carpets and floors. Commercial carpet cleaning enhances the longevity and appearance of carpets, extending their lifespan and maintaining a professional aesthetic. Regular cleaning eliminates allergens, bacteria, and stains, contributing to a healthier indoor environment and creating a positive impression on clients and employees.

Our Technicians used the latest products and high-powered equipment to remove ground in dirt, debris and bacteria from the carpet fibers at the Westerly Education Center in Westerly RI, thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing them. Our professional cleaning removed carpet stains and spots, and even restored the integrity and natural appearance of carpets, creating a clean and healthy environment for students, staff and guests.