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Graffiti Removal in Westerly, RI 02891

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While some call it “art,” we call it an obstruction of property. When vandals cause this kind of damage to your building, it can have a severe impact on your business reputation. This is not to mention the possible suspension of daily operations or heightened risk of it happening again. While the experience of making this discovery can be upsetting and even traumatic, it is crucial to take action right away.

Whether your windows have graffiti spray-painted on them or vandals have broken in and terrorized the property, the business will need immediate board-up services, repairs, and cleaning to get it back on track.

Graffiti Removal Westerly, RI

Graffiti Removal And Vandalism Cleanup - Westerly, RIAvailable 24/7, Water Damage Drying Services has been providing graffiti removal and vandalism cleanup services for over 30 years. From broken windows and destroyed assets to graffiti-covered walls, we’ve seen and cleaned it all. Whether you need emergency board up services or power washing, we will arrive promptly to your property to start the cleanup process.

Our graffiti and vandalism cleaning services include all of the following:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Demolition and removal of damaged building materials
  • Removing all damaged items from property
  • Emergency board up and tarping services
  • Window cleaning
  • Power washing and media blasting of walls to remove graffiti

When cleaning up vandalism damages, the damages can include more than just the invaders physically destroying property. Tangible objects including paint, eggs, rocks, dirt, sticks, and other debris can cause severe destruction to both the exterior and interior building materials and contents of the property.

While this can be an emotionally difficult time for you, Water Damage Drying Services takes the cleanup process very seriously, carefully restoring each of your possessions to their original condition. Our technicians will first board-up and tarp over damaged walls and windows and remove any damaged building materials. We can also work with your building contractor to ensure a seamless process when rebuilding the property structure.

We also understand that time is of the essence when removing inappropriate markings; we will work quickly and efficiently to prevent as much damage to your business reputation as possible.

Media Blasting

Media Blasting Vandalism Before After

A unique feature within our graffiti removal services is our Abrasive Media Blasting, which is quick and efficient to remove paint, glue and sprays from all kinds of materials, including fountains, statues, gravestones, monuments, homes, buildings and more.

We use eco-friendly substances including walnut shells, soda bicarbonate and recycled crushed glass through a 185 cfm diesel compressor which produces a powerful 110 psi. This makes it the perfect solution for removing graffiti, rust, sticky posters, adhesive glue, smoke damage and much more!

All of the following are included after graffiti removal and vandalism cleanup services:

  • Reduce threat of future vandalism occurrences
  • Decrease threats to security
  • Evidence is preserved

There is nothing worse than having your business image tarnished by vandals, let alone putting an indefinite hold on daily activities. As this is considered an emergency situation, action should be taken immediately to restore the property and its contents to their original conditions.

Available 24/7

Water Damage Drying Services is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at (401) 205-8130 to provide graffiti removal and vandalism cleanup services in Westerly, RI and the surrounding communities. We will guarantee your satisfaction and work with all major insurance carriers.

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