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Tree Care Services

The best way to ensure that the trees and shrubs remain healthy and vibrant on your property is to work with a professional arborist that provides comprehensive tree care and maintenance services.  Arborists who are ISA certified can provide effective tree services for any type of trees and shrubs on commercial and residential properties.  With these tree services, your trees and shrubs will grow and develop properly and live their full lives.  Tree care services from a professional arborist generally include the following:

  • Tree Fertilization
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Treatment for Diseases and Pests

Arborists who provide professional tree services will maintain the health and natural beauty of your trees and shrubs and prolong their lives.  Proper tree trimming and fertilization will not only keep your trees healthy, but also give them the ability to better fight off disease and pest infestations.  If your trees are affected by diseases or pests, certified tree doctors can help treat your trees.  They will diagnose the specific pest or disease and form a treatment plan to solve the problem.

If you want to keep your trees healthy and vibrant, contact a tree care service provider near you.  Professional arborists will assess the condition of your trees and shrubs and provide them with the care and maintenance they need to live long, healthy lives.

Tree-Care-Services-FinderTree Planting

Planting a new tree or shrub can be a fun project that adds natural beauty and value to your property.  Trees also bring other benefits including wind resistance, shade, and better air quality.  While planting a tree may seem easy enough, it takes some thought and planning to plant your tree in an area that provides it with the necessary nutrients, sunlight, and space to grow.  Professional arborists provide tree planting services to ensure that new trees and shrubs are planted in a good spot on your property.  These professionals will consider the type of tree and plant it in the best spot on your property that will give it what it needs to grow to its full potential.  If there is a tree on your property that is not planted in a good spot, a professional arborist can transplant the tree to a more ideal location.

Tree-Fertilization-ServicesTree Fertilization

Like other living organisms, trees and shrubs need the proper nutrients to grow to their full potential and better defend themselves against pests and diseases.  Fertilizing your trees is the best way to give your trees the proper nutrients which will help them grow during the spring and summer and survive during the winter.  It is best to fertilize your trees in the spring and fall or any time they appear malnourished.  Tree care professionals can provide fertilization for your trees and ensure that they get the proper blend of nutrients at the right time of year.  They will also work with you to form a schedule to ensure your trees are fertilized when necessary.

Tree-Trimming-ServicesTree Trimming

It is important to trim your trees each year to remove branches that are dead or damaged and help shape the canopy of the tree.  With proper tree pruning, you can remove branches that are diseased, decayed, broken, dead, or affected by pests to protect the health of the tree.  It is also a good idea to trim branches that are close to powerlines and buildings to avoid property damage.  What you need to remember about tree trimming is that it can be a dangerous job, especially if you must climb up the tree to trim the branches.  It is best to hire a professional arborist that can safely prune your trees.  Tree care professionals use the proper tools and safety equipment for effective tree trimming and they can identify which branches need to be removed.

Tree-Removal-ServicesTree Removal

Unfortunately, there are situations in which a tree must be removed.  Trees that are diseased, damaged, or heavily affected by destructive insects need to be removed because there is a high risk that branches could fall off or that the tree could collapse.  Felling a tree is very dangerous work and should only be done by a trained professional.  Tree care professionals provide tree removal services to remove trees that cannot be saved due to disease, pest infestations, or damage.  Professional arborists will inspect the condition of your trees to ensure that removal is necessary, and they will safely fell the tree using the right equipment and techniques.

Tree-Disease-Treatment-ServicesTree Treatment for Pests and Diseases

Trees and shrubs are always susceptible to various diseases as well as infestations from insects that can cause a lot of damage.  If the correct action is not taken immediately after a tree becomes infested or diseased, it can suffer a lot of damage and may have to be removed.  Most tree diseases are caused by either a fungus or bacteria and depending on the disease, it can cause discoloration of the leaves, defoliation, and damage to the trunk and branches.  Insects are dangerous because they can spread disease, feed on the leaves, and burrow within the trunk and stop the flow of water and nutrients.  Professional arborists provide effective tree treatments to prevent and react to tree diseases and pests.  These professionals can diagnose the problem and come up with an effective solution to restore the health of your tree.