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Tree and Stump Removal

While keeping trees strong and healthy is a goal of homeowners and arborists, trees can succumb to diseases, pest infestations, and even damage.  When a tree is heavily affected by one of these factors, it is best to have the tree removed.  Unstable trees are a dangerous presence as the possibility of falling branches or collapse can damage surrounding property and lead to serious injuries or worse.  For this reason, heavily damaged trees must be removed as soon as possible.

Bringing down a tree, even a tree that is in a very weak state, is a very dangerous job.  It is difficult to control where a tree falls without the proper equipment.  A tree care service professional will ensure that compromised trees and their stumps are removed completely from your property.  They have the right equipment to safely fell a tree and they can even grind the stump down so that you can plant new grass or plants in the spot.

When to Remove a TreeTree-Removal-Services

Trees should be removed if they are no longer structurally stable or if they are heavily affected by a disease or pest infestation.  Trees that have experienced significant damage may collapse or have their branches break off which can cause serious damage to surrounding buildings, vehicles, powerlines, and other structures.  There is also a high risk of serious injury or worse if a tree is a threat to collapse.  Trees that are affected by a destructive disease or pest may be removed to prevent the spread of the problem, even if the tree is not heavily damaged yet.

If there is a tree on your property that you think needs to be removed, contact a tree care professional to inspect the tree.  They will safely remove the tree if they believe that tree removal is necessary.

You may need to have your tree removed if it shows any of the following:

  • Damage from a storm
  • Infestation of a destructive insect
  • Cracks in the trunk and main branches
  • Damage from a disease

Tree and Stump Removal

Professional arborists can safely fell trees in difficult areas without causing damage to surrounding buildings, powerlines, or other trees.  Once the tree is down, they can also remove the stump so that the area can be used for new growth.  Arborists use specialized tools that will grind the stump 4-6 inches below the ground which is low enough to grow grass on the spot.

Make sure you call a tree care service provider right away if there is a tree on your property in danger of collapsing.  Professionals arborists can provide safe and effective tree removal services to remove damaged trees from your property that threaten your safety.