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RestorationMaster Lead Generation FAQ

RestorationMaster Lead Generation FAQ

How do you track leads?

We track leads through a tracking number for phone calls and forms filled out on the RMF microsite: RestorationMasterFinder.com/. The calls go directly to the business listed on RMF, with a tracked recording available for reference.

Why do I need a call tracking number and how is it used?

A call tracking number is used to track the leads from RestorationMasterFinder. The calls coming from the tracking number can be listened to and help identify each lead. This helps business owners understand their Return on Investment from RMF.

What happens to the contact forms and phone leads that come in from my RMF website?

They will be sent directly to your office phone and email. It is up to you as the business owner to respond to each lead. Leads are exclusive to your business. There is no price per lead or revenue share, just one set investment per month based on the territory each client covers.

What does territory exclusive mean?

We work with one business owner per city, and they get all of the leads for their territory.

Will I be able to review my website’s information before it goes live?

The information on your RMF website is reviewed and approved by you before it is published.

What happens if Google changes their algorithm?

Our digital marketing experts stay up to date on the latest trends from Google and update all RMF sites. We apply the newest recommendations from Google when it makes sense and review the effectiveness of the program on a regular basis. You won’t have to worry about updating your site accordingly.

How quickly will my company be visible on Google?

With RestorationMasterFinder already being trusted by Google, it takes less than a month to see good Google rankings. With a new website (not RMF), good rankings usually take 2-3 months.

How do I track the results?

You will receive a monthly report, along with daily call recordings emailed directly to you.

What if I currently have my own website?

RestorationMasterFinder is designed to complement a business’s website. By having an additional online presence on RMF, you can double the links to your business on Google’s first page for the same keyword.

What if I have other lead generation services?

Other lead generation services will not interfere with RMF. You can track RMF leads separately.

What if I do not have a physical address?

We will work with you to find the best solution. Having a business address is very important for local businesses and their online presence.

Do I have control over what cities and zip codes I cover?

Yes, with the help of our digital marketing experts, we will help you decide on which cities to target within your exclusive territory.

Do you charge per lead or revenue share of the job?

No. RMF has a flat monthly subscription based on the number of cities you would like to be found in. All investments are clear, upfront, and easy to budget for.

What is the investment?

Your investment depends on the number of cities you would like to generate leads in. You can track the ROI.

Are there any guarantees?

Yes, each of our programs comes with a 3 times ROI guarantee for the first year.

Is this a long term contract?

Yes, we have an annual contract. The RMF program is based on SEO (organic) results and we invest time and effort to achieve good Google rankings, so we are interested in finding businesses owners who are as committed to long term results as we are.

How is RMF different from Home Advisor and similar websites?

RMF offers exclusive territories and non-competitive leads to local businesses and contractors, versus bidding over a lead with your competitors. Additionally, your RMF site will feature your business information and promote your brand to potential clients. RMF is not a directory.

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Benefits of working with RestorationMaster

Contractor Lead Generation Program treeAward-Winning Website Design

  • Consistent brand messaging
  • Conversion friendly pages on all devices

On Site SEO and Technical Optimization

Ongoing effort to maximize your brand’s digital presence through regular assessment and monitoring.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • New content pages optimized for local rankings
  • Unique pages about your team/business, special offers, and locations

Website/Lead Analytics

  • Transparent reporting on rankings – monthly
  • Call tracking and reporting – daily and monthly
  • Powerful Website Systems & Content Flexibility
    We’ve built out systems that are ready to house your important information such as staff information, testimonials, photo galleries, and much more! When you decide to make the switch, we’re ready to pull over all of your custom content and display it in an elegant way, and always with optimization in mind.

Local Listings Management

Setup and manage your local listings on all directories for consistency

Support Team

You will have dedicated Marketing and Account Managers to help you achieve online success, set high goals, and conquer new challenges.