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Frequently Asked Questions

We are experts in fire and water damage restoration, mold remediation, flood cleanup, carpet & upholstery cleaning, disaster restoration. Check out some frequently asked questions about restoration and cleaning.

Fire damage professional services FAQ

Why You Should Test For Hidden Mold In Schools And Public Buildings?

Public buildings and schools are just as susceptible to mold growth as homes and these buildings should be checked thoroughly for mold especially if they are located in humid areas. The visual test alone is not a reliable testing method as mold can grow in hidden places such as within walls and ceilings, closets, storage areas, and behind trim or paneling. It is wise to hire a professional for mold testing to make sure that all hidden mold is discovered so that it can be removed before it spreads and cause extensive damage or adverse health risks.

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Why Hire An IICRC Certified Professional?

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a non-profit organization that promotes ethical standards within the cleaning, restoration, and inspection industries and it is independent of cleaning and restoration companies.

Hiring a professional damage restoration team to cleanup and restore the damage is crucial for preventing the damage from becoming permanent.  An IICRC certified technicians will provide more reliable and effective restoration services.

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What Is Hoarding And How To Help Hoarders?

Hoarding is not simply a bad habit or laziness, it is classified as a mental disorder. Hoarding disorder causes those affected to resist throwing any of their possessions away because they feel a strong need to keep everything. Many affected by hoarding disorder will feel anxious or distressed by the idea of parting with anything they have collected in their homes.

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Why Should I Get A Backup Power Generator?

When a storm occurs, it is impossible to predict what type of effect it can have on your home.  Any storm can cause a power outage, and power outages can also happen at any time due to other issues such as equipment failure or damage to the equipment from trees and wildlife. A backup power generator protects your property from the effects of a power outage by providing temporary power for days after a disaster. Backup generators can keep important systems and appliances running in your home, including your sump pump to keep your home protected from flood damage.

Before purchasing a backup generator, you must first determine if it is worth the money for your specific situation.  If you live in an area that is prone to severe storms, flooding, or prolonged power outages, then it might be worth the cost of a backup generator to prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

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