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    Category: Fire Damage Cleanup

    Fire Damage Cleanup – Cost, Tips, News, Views, Reviews, Resources

    Can Smoke Damage a Car Engine

    Can Smoke Damage a Car Engine?

    Fires in or near a vehicle can cause serious damage and compromise a driver’s safety. However, smoke generally does not cause significant damage to the car engine. The vehicle’s power may be adversely impacted,...


    How Soot Can Damage Floor Joists

    A house fire introduces a substantial amount of smoke and soot. The soot particles that emerge after the fire is extinguished can continue to damage areas of the home, including the floor joists. Charred...

    5 Unlikely Causes of House Fires

    No one wants to experience a house fire.  Fires are among the most dangerous and destructive disasters that can happen to a home.  Fortunately, homeowners can drastically reduce their risk of experiencing a fire...