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Category: Mold Removal

Mold Removal – Cost, Tips, News, Views, Reviews, Resources

commercial mold remediation & removal

What to Expect from Commercial Mold Remediation

A mold infestation is a potential liability issue for commercial property owners. The health problems of customers, employees, and visitors that stem from mold exposure can balloon into major controversy. Indoor environmental quality should...


How to Remove Mold from Potting Soil

Harmless as mold growing on potting soil is, the sight can be aggravating for gardeners. Fortunately, removing mold from the soil in indoor potted plants requires a simple maneuver. Preventing the spores from seeking...

Top Causes of Mold in the Attic

Top Causes of Mold in the Attic

Due to their dark, musty features, attics are a prime breeding ground for mold. Many homeowners also don’t notice it growing since they don’t frequently go into the attic. This allows it to sit...