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Category: Flood Damage Cleanup

RestorationMaster blog is a helpful resource on Flood Damage Cleanup Tips, News, FAQ, Guides, and more. Check out our most recent articles.

Water Damage Restoration Winter Park FL

Water Damage Cleanup FAQ

According to statistics floods are one of the most frequent disasters in the USA. When water damage occurs time is tight and you need to think and act quickly to prevent the damage from spreading. What can you do? Who can you call? This water damage restoration guide is prepared to help you efficiently solve you problem and restore your home to a normal condition.

flood damage and sewage backup 0

Sewage Removal Cost – Money Saving Tips

Sewage removal can be stressful for any homeowner.  It can be costly if the damage is at a large scale. After assessing the situation and you feel that it is safe for you to handle the problem on your own, use the following tips on how to tackle this sewage removal project safely and inexpensively.

Learn what to do after a sewage backup. 0

How can Sewage be cleaned up?

Cleaning up sewer backup is a difficult, unpleasant, and risky task. Calling professional cleaners is highly recommended. Keep in mind that you should only consider a DIY sewage backup cleanup in case of a minor spill – one that is confined to a small area of your home (bathroom, part of a kitchen, etc.) and has recently happened. Major spills require professional help. You need to know exactly what to do to safely deal with the problem