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Operating a restoration business that provides mold remediation is already a specialty, but finding leads can be challenging, especially when competing against other mold removal companies. Even for established businesses that provide outstanding customer satisfaction and effective services, finding qualified mold remediation leads can be a struggle.

Join RestorationMaster and you won’t have to deal with marketing problems anymore. Providing exclusive contractor leads for restoration companies around the United States is something that we do best. Allow our SEO experts to take over the marketing aspect so you can focus on responding to mold remediation leads. Simply pick up the phone, service the call, and increase your revenue.

Get Exclusive Mold Remediation Leads for Your Business

Instead of competing with other restoration companies for mold remediation leads in your service area, RestorationMaster will send them all to you. Our lead generation services provide exclusive contractor leads that are easy to close so you have the best chance at closing them yourself. 

What to Expect from Our Mold Remediation Leads Service

RestorationMaster creates and optimizes unique website pages that target your local customer.

Your customer finds the website and calls the number.

You answer the phone, service the job, and collect the funds due.

All invoices from the service will be paid directly to you.

Our lead generation program uses tracking numbers so you know how your customers found you.

How To Get Started with Lead Generation Today (the RMF Process)

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Get Exclusive Mold Remediation Leads, Service the Job, Grow Your Business

One of RestorationMaster’s competitive advantages includes exclusive mold removal leads to give you the best opportunity at closing the job.

Rather than using a large directory like Yelp to compete with other local restoration companies to service the job, you can enjoy the benefit of being the sole provider of mold remediation services generated through our program.

We also do not charge per lead. Instead, we have a flat monthly fee to ensure you don’t pay for a lead you didn’t want or one that didn’t turn into a job.

We don’t believe in surprise invoices from unqualified leads, so you don’t have to worry about this struggle.

"We realized that our web presence was a key component in our marketing strategy. After meeting with RestorationMaster's Luke and Jasmine, they were able to take our internet visibility and expand it greatly. Our call volume and leads started rolling in almost immediately. They had great ideas and were able to create an exciting website for our company. If SEO is confusing to you, contact RestorationMaster: you won’t be disappointed!“

Get a Free Consultation about Our Lead Generation services

When you join our lead generation program, RestorationMaster will help you grow your business, providing you with exclusive mold remediation leads. Allow us to focus on the marketing aspect so you can focus on doing what you do best: mold remediation, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

Get a free consultation with our marketing experts by calling us at (888) 860-7679 to speak with a live professional or fill out a contact form. We look forward to meeting you!

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"Working with RestorationMaster has been a pleasure.
Our internet presence
has increased tenfold! 
The talented team at RestorationMaster is focused on increasing our internet
presence in a very
competitive market.
Best of all, they are
patient and willing to
explain the whys and
why not’s of the
complex internet marketing world.“
"Our work with RestorationMaster
has been very rewarding.
Their experience and Internet knowledge allow us to focus on marketing programs that bring
results and directly affect
our bottom line. We look
forward to expand our
online marketing programs
and gain more local
and national visibility via Google,
Bing & Yahoo, and ultimately reach more potential clients."

"Three cheers to the whole team
at RestorationMaster! We strive to
be experts in our field, but
certainly not experts in the
ever-changing world of digital marketing and online
visibility. We knew we needed a devoted team of professionals that could help support our company’s growth and expansion. RestorationMaster is doing that for us daily! From the excellent website to the monthly reports and meeting, they have exceeded our expectations!“

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