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Tree Fertilization Service

Like other living organisms, trees cannot survive without the proper amount of nutrients.  The nutrients trees get from the soil are just as important to their survival as sunlight and water as they give trees the strength to grow and fight off disease and pest infestations.  The best way to ensure that your trees get the proper nutrients is to fertilize your trees at the beginning and end of each growing season.  Fertilization in the spring will help your trees flourish in the spring and summer and fertilization in the fall will prepare your trees to survive the winter.

If you are not sure which tree fertilizer blends are best for your trees, you can work with a tree care service provider.  Professional arborists provide tree fertilization services to give your trees and shrubs the proper blend of nutrients they need to grow and remain healthy.  Many tree care providers also provide regularly scheduled fertilizer applications to check on your trees and ensure that they are properly fertilized throughout the growing season.

Tree Fertilization MethodsTree-Fertilization-Services

Tree fertilizer is generally applied by two different methods: direct injection and soil injection.  A professional arborist will know which method is best for your trees depending on the type of tree and the blend of macro and micro nutrients it needs.

  • Direct injection: With this method, the fertilizer is injected right into the vascular system of the tree. Your tree will get 100 percent of the nutrients because the direct injection eliminates competition from other plants.  This is the best method for fertilizing trees and shrubs that are malnourished.
  • Soil injection: With this method, the fertilizer is injected into the soil with a tool that puts it near the root system. While there will be some competition for the nutrients from other plants, arborists will inject the fertilizer deep enough that there will be very little competition.

Professional Tree Care Fertilization

With tree fertilization services from a professional arborist, you can ensure that your trees and shrubs get the nutrients they need to grow strong in the spring and summer and survive harsh winter conditions.  You can also work with a tree care professional to establish a fertilization schedule and ensure that your trees always get the applications they need.  Call a tree care provider near you to learn more about tree fertilization services.