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Tree Planting

A great way to enhance the natural beauty of your property is to plant a new tree.  It can be fun to pick out a new tree for your yard and watch it grow from a sapling to a full-grown tree over the years.  A new tree not only brings added natural beauty to your property, but also added value as trees have been known to increase property values.  The idea of planting a tree seems easy, but it should be much more involved than simply choosing a spot and digging the hole in the ground.  You must consider the type of tree you are planting as well as the soil conditions, sunlight, and space that it needs to grow.

Tree care professionals often provide tree planting services to ensure that your new tree is planted properly and in a location where it is most likely to thrive.  Professional arborists can assess the condition of the soil, as well as the available space, to help you choose a tree type that will thrive on your property.  They will advise you on the best spot to plant the tree to ensure it gets the nutrients and sunlight it needs.  Arborists can also uproot and replant trees on your property that are not growing in an ideal spot.

Why Plant a New TreeTree-Planting-Services

The addition of a new tree will bring several benefits.  The most obvious benefit is the improvement of the appearance of your yard or landscape as the new tree can be worked into the existing landscape.  The extra shade it provides is also a major benefit because it will keep the temperature around your property lower, especially in the summer, which will make it easier to keep your home cool.  The presence of a new tree improves the air quality as well.

The new tree will help protect your property as it will provide wind resistance and block rainfall which will reduce the risk of flooding in your yard.  The added protection and natural beauty a new tree brings will also raise your property value.  If you are ready to plant a new tree on your property, make sure you call a professional arborist to help with the planting.

Tree Planting

There are several factors you must consider when choosing a new tree to plant on your property including the condition of the soil, sunlight, and the amount of available space.  A professional arborist can help assess these conditions on your property and choose a tree type that will thrive in these conditions.  After a tree is chosen, they will determine the best spot on your property where the tree will get the nutrients and sunlight it needs and have the space to grow to its full size.

Tree Transplanting

It is common for trees to be in a difficult spot if it was planted in a less than ideal area or grew naturally where it does not get enough sunlight or nutrients.  If there is a tree on your property that is not doing as well as it could because of where it is planted, a professional arborist can transplant the tree to a better spot.  These professionals can uproot the tree effectively without causing damage and replant it in an area that will provide it with better nutrients and sunlight.  If there is a tree on your property that you think should be moved, contact a tree care service provider to assess the tree and determine if it should be replanted.

Whether you want to enhance your property with a new tree or replant an existing tree so that it has a better chance to thrive, you should talk to a tree service professional near you.  Professional arborists can advise you on the type of tree that will survive best on your property and where to plant it, and they can save your existing trees by transplanting them to a better location.