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Nevada Restoration & Cleaning Services – Water, Fire, Mold, Biohazard

Restoration And Cleaning Services – Fire, Water, Mold, Biohazard

Water and Fire Damage Statistics in Nevada

Nevada is one of the driest states in the U.S. but also experiences flooding almost every month of the year.  This is because the dry, hardened desert soil cannot absorb water very quickly, making it very easy for flooding to occur when there is rainfall.  An estimated $20 million in damages was caused by flooding in Nevada in 2023.  While not the biggest cost of damage caused by flooding compared to other states, this is still nothing to ignore as much of this damage is caused by flash flooding.

Water Damage Statistics in Nevada

The sudden flooding in Nevada is typically caused by heavy rainfall, isolated thunderstorms, and even melting snowpack from the snow-covered mountains.  All of these conditions can cause flash flooding that can quickly become dangerous.  It does not rain often in Nevada but when it does, it only takes 3-4 inches of rain to cause significant flooding issues.

flash flood

Dangers of Flash Flooding in Nevada

Flash flooding is most likely to happen along rivers and streams in Nevada due to heavy rain and runoff from the mountains.  Sometimes it only takes hours or even minutes for water to rush down the mountains into the valleys and results in flash flooding.  Areas can also be affected by flooding from the rain without receiving rain as thunderstorms upstream can cause flooding several miles downstream.

In addition to flooding of the rivers and streams, flash flooding brought on by heavy rain or runoff can also cause debris flows in Nevada.  Debris flows are when there is a moving flow of soil, water, rock fragments, and air and more than half the particles are the size of a grain of sand or larger.  Areas that have less vegetation due to wildfires are especially vulnerable to debris flows.

Debris flows are dense like landslides, but they flow more like water due to the water to sediment ratio.  They flow through washes, arroyos, stream channels, and mountain gullies, mostly in more remote areas of Nevada, which makes it important to avoid driving or camping through these areas if there has been heavy rainfall nearby.  Like with flash floods, debris flows can impact areas that did not receive rain as heavy rainfall can create debris flows that can travel long distances.

Whether your home is impacted by a flash flood, leak from rainfall, or an issue inside your home like a burst pipe or leaking plumbing fixtures, it is important to call a water damage restoration contractor immediately.  These professionals can stop the spread of the water, dry your property, and address the damage it caused.

Nevada Fire Damage Statistics

fire smoke damage

Nevada is a state that experiences residential and structural fires, as well as wildfires that can result in property damage.  In 2022, Nevada experienced 522,500 fires that caused a total of $15 million in property damage.  Of those fires, 382,500 of them were residential fires resulting in $10.9 million in property loss.  Fires are more likely to occur in Nevada between June and September during the hot, dry summer.

The death rate for structural fires in Nevada is lower than the national average.  According to statistics from the NFIRS, there was a rate of 1.5 deaths and 9.2 injuries per 1000 fires and 5 deaths and 47.3 injuries per 1000 residential fires in 2022.  The death rate in Nevada is lower than the national averages, but there is a higher rate of injuries per fire.

The following is the death percentage of different fire incidents in Nevada in 2022:

  • Structure fires: 53.3% (national average: 74%)
  • Residential structure fires: 53.3% (national average: 70%)
  • Vehicles:26.7% (national average: 21.6%)
  • Outside:13.3% (national average: 3.1%)

The following is the injury percentage for different fire incidents in 2022:

  • Structure fires: 84.6% (national average: 83.1%)
  • Residential structure fires: 83.3% (national average: 74.6%)
  • Vehicles: 8.8% (national average: 8.3%)
  • Outside: 3.3% (national average: 5.7%)

The following is the firefighter injury percentage for different fire incidents in 2022:

  • Structure fires: 76.2% (national average: 79.2%)
  • Residential structure fires: 69% (national average: 58.8%)
  • Vehicles: 23.8% (national average: 7%)
  • Outside: 0% (national average: 12.5%)

As of April 2024, there have been just 6 reported home fire fatalities in Nevada and zero firefighter fatalities.  If your home or business is ever affected by a fire, you must call a fire damage restoration contractor as soon as possible after the fire is out.  These professionals can stabilize and repair the structural damage caused by fires and restore damage from smoke and soot.


Wildfires in Nevada

Nevada experiences many wildfires every year that burn thousands of acres of land.  Since 2001, well over 10 million acres have been burned by wildfire and the state has lost 32.7 thousand hectares of tree cover.  The largest wildfire in Nevada history is the Martin Fire in 2018 that burned 439,230 acres of land.

Wildfires in Nevada occur due to the following three factors:

  • Weather: The hot, dry weather in Nevada makes it easier for wildfires to spread.
  • Fuel: The amount of living and dead plant materials can dictate the spread of a fire as wildfires spread faster when there is more fuel.
  • Ignition: Something must start the fire, such as a lightning strike or human activity.

The hot, dry conditions of the summers in Nevada make wildfires more likely to occur during this season.  Longer periods of drought, which also are more likely in the summer, also contribute to the risk of wildfires.

Those who live in Nevada must be aware of wildfires near their homes and take the proper precautions to protect their property and be ready to evacuate.  If your home or business is damaged by wildfires, you need to call a fire damage restoration professional immediately.

New Jersey Water and Fire Restoration Services and Leads

Restoration And Cleaning Services – Fire, Water, Mold, Biohazard

Fire and water are common culprits of property damage, often resulting in severe losses.  Across Nevada, there are specialized water and fire damage restoration contractors who use advanced techniques and equipment to fully restore homes and businesses damaged by fire and flooding. These experts are available 24/7 to respond to emergencies.

For a local water and fire disaster restoration contractor in Nevada, call (888) 915-7197.


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