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Florida Restoration and Cleaning Services – Water, Fire, Mold, Biohazard

Florida Restoration and Cleaning Services and Leads

Water Damage and Flooding Statistics in Florida

Florida is at a higher risk of flooding than any other state in the U.S. because it averages 59 inches of rainfall each year and has more than 11,000 miles of rivers, streams, and waterways.  The terrain of Florida is also quite flat and difficult to drain which increases the risk of flooding.

The two biggest causes of flooding in Florida are excessive rainfall and tropical storms and hurricanes.  Florida is in the top three states in terms of the number of hurricane landfalls it has experienced since 1851 and the state was hit with 81 hurricanes and tropical storms just between 2000 and 2019.  In fact, Florida experiences more storms than any other U.S. state and has only experienced 18 hurricane seasons without a major storm since 1851.  In 2022, Florida ranked first in damage caused by natural disasters, including winter storms, wildfires, and tornadoes as well as rain and hurricanes, with $116 billion in damages.

Florida is most likely to be affected by the following types of floods:

  • Flash flooding: Quick heavy rainfall from tropical storms and hurricanes can lead to flash flooding.
  • River flooding: Because of the flat terrain, water from overflowing rivers can spread far beyond the riverbanks.
  • Tropical systems and coastal flooding: Tropical storms and hurricanes bring heavy rain and strong winds that result in coastal flooding and billions of dollars in damage.
  • Dam breaks and levee failures: Dams and levees can break without warning and cause massive flooding.

Water Damage and Flooding in Florida

Flood Insurance in Florida

Getting flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is important for Florida residents because of the high possibility of flooding.  Even residents in low to moderate risk zones are urged to get flood insurance as these areas account for 25% of all flood claims in Florida.

Despite the risk, only 2.1 million households in Florida are protected by flood insurance policies out of a total of 11 million households.  This means that 8 out of 10 households in Florida do not have a flood insurance policy through the NFIP.

The following are some surprising statistics regarding flood insurance in the state of Florida:

  • Florida accounts for two-thirds of NFIP required policies in the U.S., more than any other state.
  • It is more likely for private insurable property to be inundated by storm surges, high tide, and a rise in sea levels in Florida than in any other state.
  • By 2030, $69 billion of coastal property not currently at risk of flooding from high tide will be at risk. This will increase to $152 billion of coastal property by 2050.

If you own a home, business, or property in the state of Florida, you are urged to purchase flood insurance to protect your property from the devastating effects of flooding.  If your property is affected by flooding or water damage, do not hesitate to call a water damage restoration professional in your area.

Fire Damage Statistics in Florida

The state of Florida experiences its share of fires from structure fires and vehicle fires to issues caused by wildfires.  It is important for the residents of Florida to understand their fire risks and take the right steps to help prevent fires and protect themselves and their properties.

According to 2020 statistics from the Florida State Fire Marshal, the state of Florida experienced the following:

  • 171 civilian deaths due to fires
  • 479 injuries due to fire
  • Over $450 billion in property loss from fires
  • 57,481 total fires

Wildfires in Florida

Wildfires in Florida

Florida is one of the states in the U.S. that is affected by wildfires.  In 2023, there were more than 2600 wildfires that burned more than 100,000 acres throughout the state.  As of February 2024, Florida has already experienced 188 wildfires that have burned more than 1800 acres.

It is important for the residents of Florida to be aware of active wildfires and take steps to protect themselves, such as following county burn bans.  The State of Florida provides an active wildfire map that allows residents to stay updated on the current state of wildfires in Florida.

Fire Losses in Florida

Fires, including residential fires, commercial fires, vehicle fires, and wildfires can lead to devastating losses in terms of property damage and casualties.  According to 2021 data from NFIRS, there was an average of 2 deaths and 8.7 injuries per 1000 fires in Florida, compared to the national average of 2.3 deaths and 7.2 injuries.  For residential structure fires, there were 6.2 deaths and 30.6 injuries per 1000 fires compared to national averages of 6.5 deaths and 20.9 injuries.  While Florida is slightly below the national average when it comes to fire deaths, it is above the national average in terms of injuries.

The following are the percentage of deaths that occurred for each type of fire incident:

  • Structure fires: 62.8% (national average: 74.5%)
  • Residential structure fires: 61.5% (national average: 70.9%)
  • Vehicles: 32.1% (national average: 21.2%)
  • Outside fires: 3.8% (national average: 3%)

The following are the percentage of injuries caused by each type of fire:

  • Structure fires: 74.6% (national average: 82%)
  • Residential structure fires: 70.4% (national average: 74.1%)
  • Vehicles: 15.7% (national average: 9.2%)
  • Outside fires: 3.8% (national average: 5.7%)

The following are the percentage of firefighter injuries caused by each type of fire:

  • Structure fires: 80.4% (national average: 79%)
  • Residential structure fires: 66.4% (national average: 56.7%)
  • Vehicles: 9.1% (national average: 7.0%)
  • Outside fires: 9.8% (national average: 13%)

The following are the percentage of calls for each type of fire incident in Florida:

  • EMS: 72.4%
  • Good intent: 10.9%
  • Service calls: 7.5%
  • False alarms: 5.9%
  • Fires: 1.6%
  • All other: 1.7%

If a fire has damaged your home or business in Florida, contact a local fire damage restoration professional right away.

Restoration And Cleaning Services – Fire, Water, Mold, Biohazard

Florida Restoration and Cleaning Services and Leads

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