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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning – Pinecrest, FL

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Serving Pinecrest, FL, and the neighboring areas of Miami-Dade County, RestorationMaster is a professional disaster restoration and cleaning company that provides homes and businesses with exceptional services during their time of need. We have provided our services for more than a decade, so we know that emergencies can occur at any moment — which is why we are available to respond to your call for help on a 24/7 basis. All of the technicians we employ are IICRC-certified, are well trained, and have the proper equipment to effectively restore homes and businesses. Our technicians will be immediate in their response to your call, coming to your property equipped and prepared to contain any damage and start the restoration process.

The following are the main disaster restoration and cleaning services we offer to homes and businesses in Pinecrest, FL:

• Water Damage Restoration
Fire and Smoke Damage
Mold Remediation
Sewage Backup Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning

When RestorationMaster works on your home or building, we use only the industry’s best, most advanced restoration equipment, cleaning methods, and restoration techniques. This allows us to do the best work possible when restoring your property to its original condition. In addition to cleaning and restoring furniture and other damaged objects, we also conduct repairs on any structural damage. Our technicians have the equipment necessary to work on large-scale commercial projects that involve water, mold, or fire damage. Furthermore, our technicians have experience with numerous large-scale commercial restoration projects including sewage backup cleaning for a hotel basement, water damage restoration for 12 floors of a condominium building, and more.
Regardless of the disaster your property is harmed by or the amount of damage done, the technicians we employ at RestorationMaster will restore your property in an effective, efficient manner. We not only provide a thoroughly detailed restoration plan, but we can also assist with your insurance claim. For the emergency disaster restoration services RestorationMaster provides in Pinecrest, FL, call (305) 707-6135 where we are available 24 hours a day.

Water Damage Restoration – Pinecrest, FL

The most common type of property damage is water damage, because water damage can be sourced by a variety of things. Additionally, water damage also leads to further damage caused by secondary issues. Not only can your property suffer water damage from the weather, such as heavy rain and flooding, but it can also suffer water damage from non-natural causes, such as pipe bursts or leaks and sewage backups. Regardless of what caused the water damage, it must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, the damage will worsen, jeopardizing your home or business’s structure and potentially causing mold growth. With our water damage restoration services in Pinecrest, FL, RestorationMaster will remove any excess water from your home or business and restore the water-damaged materials. We will make sure that all water and moisture is thoroughly removed and that all damaged materials are effectively restored.

Fire and Smoke Damage – Pinecrest, FL

A fire is one of the most disastrous things that can damage your property. Not only do fires cause extensive damage to homes and other buildings, but they are also a serious hazard to anyone inhabiting the property. Beyond the harm done by the flames themselves, fires also produce smoke and soot, which results in even further damage after the fire has been extinguished. The damage done by smoke and soot can become permanent if not addressed in a timely manner, which makes it even more imperative to begin fire damage restoration as soon as possible. With our fire and smoke damage restoration services in Pinecrest, FL, RestorationMaster repairs and restores homes and businesses that have suffered damage by a fire. From structural repairs to cleaning smoke and soot residue, our technicians are capable of covering the entire restoration process.

Mold Remediation – Pinecrest, FL

Mold growth in your property, no matter the amount, can become rather problematic if it isn’t properly addressed. Oftentimes, mold develops in humid areas with water, growing on cellulose-based surfaces like drywall and wood. If the mold isn’t removed, it not only damages the surfaces it has grown on, but it will also spread further and potentially cause health problems to anyone exposed to it. With our mold remediation services in Pinecrest, FL, RestorationMaster will completely remove all cases of mold from your home or business. Our technicians use the InstaScope testing system to find all mold growth on your property, allowing us to remove it all.

Sewage Backup Cleaning – Pinecrest, FL

When a home or building has been affected by floodwater, it can cause severe damage to your property. However, sewage in the water can make matters even worse. Floodwaters can be contaminated by sewage before entering your property, but homes can also experience sewage backups. Sewage contains waste materials and contaminants that increase the harm that can be done to your property. Exposure to sewage can also cause health problems. If you suspect that the water damaging your home or business contains sewage, then you need to get in touch with our professional technicians right away. With our sewage backup cleaning services in Pinecrest, FL, RestorationMaster will conduct safe cleaning and removal of sewage from your property. In addition to the thorough removal of sewage water, we will also eliminate materials damaged beyond repair and sanitize the damaged areas to ensure they are clean and safe again.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Pinecrest, FL

A sometimes overlooked aspect of running a business is maintaining a clean workspace. Not only is a clean workspace important for health and appearance, but a clean workspace also makes a good impression of the company on clients and customers. An effective way to maintain a nice, clean workspace is to have your business’s carpeting cleaned by a professional. Commercial properties see a lot of foot traffic, and this causes the carpeting to accumulate more dirt and debris. That dirt is then further embedded into the carpet’s fibers with repeated use. As a result, the carpet will wear out quicker. With our commercial carpet cleaning services in Pinecrest, FL, RestorationMaster will professionally clean the carpeting in your office or commercial property. We use advanced cleaning equipment and products to effectively and thoroughly clean and restore your carpeting.

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – Pinecrest, FL

Coming across a serious accident or violent crime on your property is not only traumatic but dangerous, too. In the event you encounter such a scene in your home or business, you need to immediately call law enforcement; however, it is imperative that you keep your distance from the scene. This is because blood and other biohazards may be present, which can cause serious health problems if you are exposed. Biohazard materials must be cleaned and disposed of properly to limit the potential for harm. With our biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services in Pinecrest, FL, RestorationMaster safely cleans and restores scenes involving biohazard materials. The technicians we employ are properly trained and equipped to remove biohazard materials in a safe manner and effectively clean and disinfect the scene. Additionally, we know how to work with law enforcement without disrupting the investigation.


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