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If you run a business, then maintaining the cleanliness of your office, facility, or workspace is important. This is because a clean building allows your employees to work in a healthy environment and gives off a good impression to any visitors, clients, and customers. If your property’s carpeting is stained and/or looks dirty, then it can negatively impact your property’s appearance greatly. Knowing this, it’s important to keep carpeting clean, and the best way to do this is to get your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional.
With our commercial carpet cleaning services in Pinecrest, FL, RestorationMaster will clean carpeting in offices, businesses, and other commercial properties. We use advanced cleaning products and equipment that eliminate stains and dirt from different types of commercial carpeting. With our help, your property’s carpet will last longer, be restored to its original color, and have an improved appearance. Additionally, we can provide carpet cleaning on a regular basis to ensure that your business’s carpeting gets regular maintenance.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Commercial properties often see a high volume of foot traffic. This foot traffic causes the carpet to accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, which are then further embedded into the carpeting’s fibers. Eventually the carpet will become worn out and faded. Regular vacuuming can eliminate some of the dirt and debris, but it isn’t effective at thoroughly cleaning it and getting what has been deeply embedded into the carpeting’s fibers. Knowing this, it’s best to get your carpet cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.
Your business’s carpeting should be professionally cleaned at least once every quarter. If your property tends to experience a higher volume of foot traffic, then more frequent cleanings are recommended. Regular cleaning not only removes dirt and stains from the carpeting, but it also maintains its appearance, reduces any wear and tear, prolongs the carpet’s lifespan, and saves you money on replacement costs.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

With professional carpet cleaning services from RestorationMaster, our technicians will thoroughly clean your carpeting. We do this by using advanced cleaning products, effective stain removers, and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. We know you have a business to run, so we can schedule our cleanings to be done at times convenient for you that don’t disrupt business activity. Our services can often be completed within one day, but the time span depends on the size of the carpet. Within 6 to 8 hours of the cleaning, your carpet can be used again; however, heavy furniture shouldn’t be placed back on the carpet until at least two days later.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services include the following:

• Inspection: We inspect the carpeting and provide you with an estimate for our services based on this.
• Pre-Spray: We pre-spray your carpeting to loosen any stains, dirt, and debris.
• Extraction: We directly deposit a hot water cleaning solution into your carpet’s fibers by using advanced equipment. Then, we extract the solution and any dirt from the carpet immediately.
• Rinse: We rinse your carpet afterwards to make sure there is no remaining detergent or cleaning products in your carpet.
• Post-Treatment: We treat any remaining stains.
• Final Inspection: We will conduct a final inspection of your carpet to make sure you’re satisfied with the cleaning.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services provide the following benefits to your carpeting:

• Prolonged life for your carpet
• Restored carpeting appearance
• Dirt and bacteria removal from the carpet, making for a healthier environment
• Stain removal
• Wear and tear reduction
• Scotchguard protection for stain prevention
• Cleaning services customized to your carpeting and budget
Call (305) 707-6135 at any time of the day to reach RestorationMaster for the carpet cleaning services we provide to businesses in Pinecrest, FL. We collaborate with you to develop a cleaning schedule so that your carpeting can have a clean appearance and last longer.


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