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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning in Miami-Dade County, FL

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When it comes to disaster restoration and cleaning services, RestorationMaster has been serving the Miami-Dade County for more than 12 years. Holding IICRC certifications, our technicians are prepared to respond to any disaster scenario 24 hours a day in order to prevent the damage to your home or business. Regardless of the size of the property or extent of the damage, the technicians at RestorationMaster are ready to get to work and make sure your property is restored to its original condition.

Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Miami-Dade County

When it comes to disaster restoration or large cleaning projects, you can count on us! Our primary services revolve around water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, sewage backup cleaning, and trauma scene cleaning. With over 12 years of experience, you can count on us to leave your property restored to its original condition. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day at (305) 707-6135.

For more information on our primary services, please see our outline below:

Water Damage Restoration – Miami-Dade County, FL

Water is one of the leading causes of property damage because it can cause problems in so many different ways. Pipes can break within walls or under a sink. A bathtub can overflow or the sewer can back up. Rain can get in through cracks in the foundation, broken windows, or damaged roofs due to storms. No matter how water gets in, it’s important to take action immediately at the first sign of it in your home or business. The longer you wait, the further it can get absorbed into building materials. What might once have been a small mess can turn into a room-wide disaster of mold and structural damage over time. RestorationMaster provides comprehensive water damage restoration services for residential and commercial customers in Miami, FL and surrounding areas. Our highly trained professionals use only the most advanced restoration products and equipment in the industry to restore your property. We also have a construction team that can rebuild damaged structural elements.

Fire Damage Restoration – Miami-Dade County, FL

The most dangerous thing about fires is how quickly they can spread. Not only do they cause extensive damage, but they’re an immediate threat to your safety. That’s why the top priority in any fire should be evacuating the building completely. The flames of a fire can cause extensive damage, but the damage doesn’t end once the flames are extinguished. Unless remediation begins quickly, toxic elements from the aftermath of a fire will continue to damage the building and its contents. The highly trained experts at RestorationMaster offer a wide range of fire and smoke damage restoration services to residential and commercial clients in Miami, FL and surrounding areas. We can clean, restore, and rebuild damage from soot, flames, smoke, and other toxins.

Mold Remediation– Miami-Dade County, FL

Mold growth in a home or business is more than just a cosmetic issue. Left untreated, mold will destroy wood, drywall, and furnishings, as well as cause serious health problems. Mold spores are always present in the air and it’s impossible to remove them. All they need are food sources, like paper or textiles, and a source of moisture to grow. Once it starts, it spreads quickly and will get into hidden areas, such as wall interiors, where it can spread and cause damage throughout a building undetected. The highly trained experts at RestorationMaster offer comprehensive mold testing and remediation to residential and commercial clients in Miami, FL and surrounding areas. Our advanced InstaScope testing equipment and mold removal techniques allow us to find all traces of mold, even in hidden places, so it can be eradicated before it does any more damage.

Sewage Backup Cleaning– Miami-Dade County, FL

If you notice excess water in your home or building please take action immediately as the water may be contaminated with microorganisms or sewage. Sewage water can cause extensive damage to not just your home but, your health as well due to the bacteria, viruses, and waste materials it contains. Two of the main ways sewage can make its way into your home or building are from a sewage backup or from natural flood water that mixed with sewage before entering the building. If you have experienced a sewage backup or flooding that may contain sewage, make sure you are not near the affected areas and call RestorationMaster right away.

Trauma Scene Cleaning – Miami-Dade County, FL

A violent crime or serious accident is the last thing anyone wants to find at their home or business. Not only is the aftermath traumatic to deal with, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Biohazard materials like blood and tissue can easily spread disease and bacteria unless proper protective gear is worn while cleaning. Commercially available cleaning products and equipment can’t remove these materials, and the area itself is often a crime scene that can’t be disturbed. The first thing that should always be done when finding the scene of a violent crime or serious accident is to call 911 immediately and not touch anything. Once you receive permission from the authorities, call a reputable restoration professional to remove dangerous materials and disinfect the scene. RestorationMaster provides discreet biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services for residential and commercial clients in Miami, FL and surrounding areas. Our highly trained professionals are certified and licensed to safely remove biohazard materials and clean the area, while treating our clients with compassion.

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