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Flood Cleanup & Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FL

(407) 326-2875

For decades, RestorationMaster has been called upon to provide water and flood damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Ocoee, FL, and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians respond quickly to your call to help limit the spread of flooding and excess moisture and we use high-tech equipment to assess and restore the damage.  We will also work with you and your insurance company on your claim.

The water mitigation services we provide include the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Sewage backup cleaning
  • Flood cleanup
  • Emergency clean up – dry out
  • Dehumidification
  • Burst Pipes Water Damage Cleanup

Dealing with water damage on your property is difficult, especially when it involves standing water or sewage.  You can trust our technicians to arrive immediately after your call to limit the spread of the water and begin the drying and restoration of your property.  During the restoration process, you can approach our technicians with your questions about the restoration or our progress.  We will make sure your property is thoroughly dried and restored following water damage.

If your home or business in Ocoee, FL is affected by flooding or water damage, call our professionals at RestorationMaster at (407) 326-2875.


Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FLWater Damage Restoration – Ocoee, FL

Every home and building will experience water damage at some point as it can be caused by rain, flooding, or problems within such as overflows, leaks, and sewage backups.  No matter what source caused the damage, it requires immediate action.  Excess water and flooding will penetrate porous building materials and furnishings which damages the materials and allows the water to affect a larger area.  If the water or flooding is not removed, it could affect the structural integrity of your home and cause mold to appear.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration in Ocoee, FL to help homes and businesses deal with flooding and other forms of water damage.  Our technicians use extraction and drying equipment to remove all water and ensure that the affected areas are dried.

Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FLSewage Backup Cleanup – Ocoee, FL

The presence of sewage within a home or building creates a dangerous situation.  Waste materials in the sewage can quickly cause permanent damage to building materials and furnishings and sewage contain harmful microorganisms that can threaten your health.  The most common ways properties become affected by sewage is if there is a sewage backup or if the property is flooded by contaminated water.  If you even suspect that water on your property is contaminated with sewage, stay away from the affected area and call a professional right away.  RestorationMaster provides sewage backup cleaning in Ocoee, FL to help homes and businesses damaged by sewage water.  Our professionals can safely remove sewage as well as dry and disinfect the damaged areas.

Flood Cleanup in Ocoee, FL

Emergency Cleanup (Dry Out) – Ocoee, FL

Water damage is a serious issue that requires immediate drying and cleanup, whether from a leak or flood.  Materials within your home or building such as flooring, furnishings, wood, drywall, and other building materials will absorb the water which can lead to serious damage and mold growth.  Areas affected by water and flooding need to be cleaned and dried out as soon as possible to prevent further damage.  At RestorationMaster, we provide emergency cleanup and dry-out services to help water-damaged homes and businesses in Ocoee, FL.  We will dry out the affected areas and materials using advanced extraction and dehumidification equipment and we will clean up the damage.

Dehumidification – Ocoee, FL

Excess water, even from a leak, can spread deep into your home or building by getting absorbed into porous building materials and furnishings.  This means that much of the water has gotten below the surface and this moisture needs to be removed or it can cause structural damage and mold growth.  When water damage occurs, it is important to determine how deep the water has penetrated and begin the drying of the property.  RestorationMaster provides dehumidification services in Ocoee, FL to dry homes and businesses affected by water damage.  We use moisture meters to determine the extent of the damage and set up extraction and dehumidification equipment to ensure that your property is thoroughly dried.

Burst Pipe Water Damage Restoration - Ocoee, FLBurst Pipe Water Damage Restoration – Ocoee, FL

Burst pipes can cause serious damage in a home by spilling gallons of water into the surrounding areas very quickly.  A pipe in your home may burst due to rust, wear and tear, mineral buildup, or freezing that causes pressure to build up within the pipe.  It is important to react right away when a pipe bursts to help limit the damage.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration for burst pipes in Ocoee, FL.  Our technicians will dry the affected areas using our advanced water extraction and drying equipment and repair the damage it caused.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning – Ocoee, FL

Black streaks on the roof are a common problem for homes in humid climates.  These streaks are the presence of organic materials such as algae, mold, and bacteria that can cause damage to the roof from minor damage to the shingles to major decomposition.  This is why roofing with black streaks needs to be cleaned right away.  The most effective way to remove organic materials from the roof is with soft wash cleaning.  RestorationMaster provides soft wash roof cleaning to clean and sanitize affected roofing in Ocoee, FL.  This low-pressure cleaning method will effectively kill and remove organic contaminants without causing harm to your roof.

Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning in Ocoee, FLCarpet Cleaning – Ocoee, FL

A carpet is ideal for bacteria, mold, and pathogens to thrive. Not washed and cleaned regularly will easily lead to dermatological and respiratory diseases for your family and those around you. RestorationMaster provides professional carpet cleaning services in Ocoee, FL, and the surrounding areas. We use safe and environmentally friendly machinery, equipment, and cleaning solutions.



Contact Us 24/7 Flood Cleanup and Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FL

Our technicians at RestorationMaster work with all insurance providers. We are available to respond to your emergencies on a 24/7 basis. To seek help from our professional cleanup services in Ocoee,  FL,  give us a call at (407) 326-2875

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