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Flood Cleanup & Sewage Backup Cleanup in Winter Park, FL

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Philip White Water Restoration has spent the last several decades as one of the most trusted providers of water and flood damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Winter Park, FL, and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians have an understanding of how fast water can spread within your property which is why we respond quickly to your call with our high-tech moisture detection and water extraction equipment.  We can also help ensure that your claim goes smoothly by working with your insurance provider.

The water restoration and cleanup services that we provide include the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Flood cleanup
  • Dehumidification and drying
  • Sewage backup cleaning
  • Emergency clean up – dry out

Water damage on your property can become severe without quick action, especially if the water is contaminated with sewage.  Our technicians will arrive as soon as possible after your call to stop the water from spreading and begin the water extraction and drying process.  We will communicate with you during the restoration process and keep you updated on our progress.  You can count on us to dry and restore your property and clean the affected areas to return them to safe living conditions.

Make sure you call our professionals at Philip White Water Restoration right away at (407) 818-1110 if your home or business is damaged by flooding or excess water in Winter Park, FL.

Water-Damage-Restoration-Winter-Park-FLWater Damage Restoration – Winter Park, FL

Water damage is almost impossible to avoid as anything from rain and flooding to sewage backups or an appliance leak can cause water damage in your home or building.  It is important to respond to water damage as soon as it occurs because the water spreads through porous building materials and furnishings and increases the amount of damage.  Building materials that absorb water can eventually sustain structural damage and the affected areas are also at high risk for mold growth.  At Philip White Water Restoration, we provide water damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Winter Park, FL.  Our technicians can remove water with our high-tech extraction equipment and set up dehumidification equipment to dry affected materials.

Flood-Cleanup-Winter-Park-FLFlood Damage Cleanup – Winter Park, FL

Indoor flooding is a major problem because the high amount of water will quickly get absorbed into the surrounding building materials and cause significant damage.  Building materials such as wood, drywall, and flooring, can become warped or corroded by flooding which can result in serious structural damage.  If flood water is not removed right away, the damage to the surrounding materials will worsen and the risk of mold growth will increase.  At Philip White Water Restoration, we provide flood damage cleanup services to help flooded homes and businesses in Winter Park, FL.  Using advanced extraction equipment, we will remove the flood water and then dry and restore the damaged areas.

Dehumidification-Winter-Park-FLDehumidification and Drying – Winter Park, FL

The reason water damage is so dangerous within homes and buildings is that it penetrates porous building materials such as drywall, wood structures, flooring, and various furnishings.  Materials affected by water damage can become weakened and corroded and enough water can threaten the structural integrity of drywall and wood.  If affected building materials are not properly dried after water damage, they are at risk of serious damage or mold growth.  Philip White Water Restoration provides dehumidification and drying services to help water-damaged homes and businesses in Winter Park, FL.  Our technicians use moisture meters to detect wet materials and we strategically set up dehumidification equipment for effective drying.

Sewage-Cleanup-Winter-Park-FLSewage Backup Cleanup – Winter Park, FL

Water damage is already a serious problem, but the presence of sewage makes it much worse.  Sewage water can cause permanent damage to building materials and furnishings that absorb the waste materials and sewage also contains bacteria and other harmful toxins that can affect your health.  It is dangerous to attempt to clean sewage yourself; instead, you should call a professional.  Philip White Water Restoration provides sewage backup cleaning in Winter Park, FL to remove sewage and contaminated water.  Our technicians will ensure all sewage is removed safely and we can restore and disinfect the affected areas to safe living conditions.

Emergency-Cleanup-Winter-Park-FLEmergency Cleanup (Dry Out) – Winter Park, FL

Water damage is the most common form of property damage, and it can cause major issues on your property if you don’t react right away.  No matter if you are dealing with a flood or leak, the water will get absorbed into porous building materials and furnishings such as carpeting, flooring, wood, drywall, and insulation.  Materials that absorb water can become warped and corroded and they are also at risk for mold growth.  It is important to clean up water damage right away and ensure that the affected areas and materials are dried out.  At Philip White Water Restoration, we provide emergency cleanup and dry-out services in Winter Park, FL.  Our technicians use advanced dehumidification equipment to dry out wet materials and we can clean and restore the damaged areas.

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Our technicians at Philip White Water Restoration work with all insurance providers. We are available to respond to your emergencies on a 24/7 basis.

We provide reliable disaster restoration and water cleanup services in Winter Park, FL,  give us a call at (407) 808-1110.

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Review by Domenic Aloise

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Phillip was very helpful with mitigating my laundry room flood. He came over as soon as he could and set up all the equipment quickly and started the drying process. He was very thorough and checked it over a few days before giving it the all clear. He was available when I called or texted if I had any questions. Would recommend for water mitigation services."

Review by Twila Powell

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Phil’s response time was amazing. And the service was impeccable. I’ll recommend him to anyone who needs help with water damage."

Review by Chris Reed

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Great company I have known the owner for years. This is someone I trust and would recommend”

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