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Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FL

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Water damage on its own is a major problem in homes and buildings but it can be much worse if the water is contaminated with sewage.  Sewage may affect a property if it becomes flooded with water that is already contaminated and sewage can also become a problem if there is a sewage backup, toilet backup, broken sewer line, or injection pit overflow.  Water contaminated with sewage is a threat to your health as well as your property which is why you need to call for professional help immediately.

RestorationMaster provides sewage backup cleanup in Ocoee, FL to help clean and restore homes and buildings affected by sewage.  Our IICRC certified technicians can safely and effectively remove all sewage-contaminated water using advanced extraction and drying equipment.  Once the sewage is removed, we will ensure that your property is cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of illness.


Damage from Sewage Water in Ocoee, FL

No matter the source, sewage is a dangerous presence on your property.  When porous building materials and furnishings absorb the water, they also take in the waste materials within the sewage which often results in permanent damage.  In most cases, the materials affected by the sewage will need to be removed and replaced.  The areas damaged by sewage water are also likely to be affected by a foul, lingering odor that is difficult to remove.

The main concern when it comes to sewage on your property is the potential health effects.  There are harmful toxins such as bacteria and other microorganisms contained within sewage that can trigger infections or illness.  If you believe that the water on your property may contain sewage, it is important to avoid any contact with the water to protect your health.

Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FL

Water Damage Restoration and Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FL – Watch video

You should react to sewage on your property by doing the following:

  • Call our professionals at RestorationMaster for sewage backup cleanup.
  • Do not come into contact with the water, including your eyes, skin, mouth, and open cuts.
  • If you can, stop the source of the water. Call a plumbing professional if necessary.
  • Stay out of the contaminated area to avoid spreading the contamination.
  • If you need to touch something that is contaminated, use gloves and throw them away immediately.

Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FL

Our technicians are prepared to deal with any situation involving sewage water and restore your property.  We will safely remove all sewage water and help protect your health by cleaning and disinfecting affected areas.

Our sewage backup cleanup services include the following:

  • Emergency response: We will arrive immediately after your call to contain the damage and start the restoration.
  • Damage evaluation: We will evaluate the damage and the spread of the sewage.
  • Complete restoration: After we remove the sewage water using advanced extraction and drying equipment, we will clean, disinfect, and restore the damaged areas.
  • Work with insurance: Our technicians will assist with your claim with your insurance provider.

Contact us today for Sewage Backup Cleanup in Ocoee, FL


You must call our professionals at RestorationMaster immediately if your home or business has been affected by sewage water.  Our professionals will safely remove the sewage and restore the affected areas to a safe condition.

We are available 24 hours a day at (407) 326-2875 for sewage backup cleanup in Ocoee, FL.

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