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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Tampa, FL

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Since 2003, ServiceMaster 24 Hour has been providing quality disaster restoration and cleaning services to homes and businesses in Tampa, FL as well as the surrounding communities of Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. The current ownership started ServiceMaster 24 Hour to serve the Tampa Bay area which was an underserved market at the time and we have since added to our management team to help bring the best possible service to Tampa, FL. Our growth and outstanding service shows in our list of awards and achievements which includes expanding our services and equipment as well as winning the 2008 Business of the Year Greater Brandon Chamber and the 2012 Large Business of the Year Southshore Chamber awards.

The main services provided by ServiceMaster 24 Hour include water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold removal, content cleaning and pack-out, and reconstruction services for commercial and residential settings. Our technicians have received certifications including IICRC certification, EPA lead certification, mold state certification, and 40 Hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response certification to provide reliable disaster restoration services and help restore some peace of mind to our clients following a disaster. We have helped with many important local restoration projects including the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Harvey, Shriners Hospital, and Costco and we also participated in the restoration on 9/11.

You can reach us 24 hours a day at (813) 518-8555 for disaster restoration services in Tampa, FL.

Water Damage Mitigation in Tampa FLWater Damage Restoration – Tampa, FL

Most homes and buildings deal with water damage at one time or another because it is so common but water damage can become a serious issue without proper action. Excess water can enter buildings because of heavy rain or flooding, burst pipes, and leaking fixtures and it can spread very quickly because building materials such as drywall and insulation are absorbent. ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides water damage restoration services in Tampa, FL to remove excess water from homes and buildings and repair the resulting damage. It is important to contact us as soon as you discover water damage because letting it spread could result in mold growth or more extensive structural damage.

Flood Damage Restoration for Tampa, FLFlood Damage Restoration  – Tampa, FL

Water damage is very common among homes and buildings but indoor flooding is the worst.  Standing water in a home or office can cause damage by penetrating absorbent building materials and it creates favorable conditions for mold to grow.  Indoor flooding must be dealt with immediately or the water will absorb deeper and cause severe structural damage.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides flood damage restoration services in Tampa, FL and the surrounding areas to remove flood water from homes and businesses.  We can remove the flood water completely with our water extraction and drying equipment and fully restore the damaged areas.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Tampa, FLFire Damage Restoration – Tampa, FL

A fire is not only destructive to a home or building, but also very dangerous for the people around. When a fire occurs, it is important to ensure everyone’s safety and have the fire put out but once the fire is extinguished, soot and corrosive byproducts continue to cause damage that can become permanent. ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides fire damage restoration services to help repair and restore homes and buildings in Tampa, FL that have been damaged in a fire. Our technicians use the best cleaning equipment and products available to remove soot and corrosive byproducts before they cause permanent damage.

Mold Removal Services Tampa, FLMold Removal Services – Tampa, FL

Mold spores are a natural part of the environment which is why mold can grow anywhere it meets the right conditions. All it takes is the right amount of humidity or moisture and a food source such as wood or drywall for mold to start growing and if no action is taken, the mold growth will spread and eventually destroy the surfaces it grows on. ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides mold removal services for homes in Tampa, FL that have problems with mold growth. We can perform full mold remediation services if the affected area is 10 square feet or smaller and effectively contain larger affected areas before recommending an environmental testing service to measure the contamination. Mold can spread quickly and cause adverse health reactions so make sure to contact us as soon as you notice the growth.

Packout & Content Cleaning in Tampa, FLContent Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Tampa, FL

In most cases, the effects of a disaster are not just limited to the structural elements and furnishings of your home as your personal belongings can be affected too. Experiencing damage to your personal items can be frustrating but responding quickly gives you a good chance of salvaging your content. ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Tampa, FL to clean and restore personal belongings that have been damaged in a disaster. We can do the content cleaning onsite if the condition of your home allows or do a pack-out on your items to clean and restore them at our secured facility.

Construction Services in Tampa, FLConstruction Services – Tampa, FL

When a disaster strikes, chances are the restoration will require more than cleaning and simple repairs as parts of your home or building may need to be rebuilt. ServiceMaster 24 Hour is dedicated to handling every aspect of your loss with complete construction services to rebuild damaged homes and buildings in Tampa, FL. Our technicians are highly trained to provide full general contracting services, remodeling, and building stabilization for homes, multi-tenant buildings, retail stores, and large commercial and industrial buildings. We will schedule and plan the construction of your home or building and manage the entire project through to completion.

ServiceMaster Hoarding Cleanup in Tampa, FLHoarding Cleaning Services – Tampa, FL

Many people throughout the U.S. are affected by hoarding as it is a disorder that stems from anxiety and results in behavior such as the inability to part with or throw away any object.  This leads to a buildup of hoarded items in the home which can seriously threaten the health and safety of those inside the home.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides hoarding cleaning services in Tampa, FL to help those that struggle with hoarding clean out their homes and return them to safe living conditions.  We take a new approach to hoarding cleaning developed by ServiceMaster and Matt Paxton that focuses on building a connection with the affected individual and including them in the cleaning process.

Biohazard - Trauma Scene Cleaning – Tampa, FLBiohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – Tampa, FL

Encountering a scene in which someone has suffered a major injury or death can be a very traumatizing experience.  The scene can also be very dangerous as blood and other bodily fluids could spread disease or infection, especially if they are cleaned up improperly.  It is important to call law enforcement officials and EMTs right away, followed by a professional licensed to remove biohazard materials.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services to restore the scene of an injury or death in Tampa, FL.  We have the right equipment to safely remove and dispose of all biohazard materials and we work with respect for your emotions and your privacy.

Storm Damage Restoration in Tampa, FLStorm Damage Restoration – Tampa, FL

Those that live in the Tampa Bay area have experienced many storms and know that a major storm could come at any time.  Wind, rain, hail, and the occasional hurricane or tropical storm can cause physical damage to the exterior of your home or building and may also result in water damage inside.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides storm damage restoration services in Tampa, FL to help stabilize and repair homes and businesses damaged by a storm.  It is important to call us immediately after a storm to start the restoration process before the damage becomes worse.

CE-Classes-for-Insurance-Agents-in-Tampa-FL-150x150CE Classes for Insurance Agents – Tampa, FL

When a natural disaster causes significant damage in a home or building, insurance agents are often called to provide an assessment of the damage as part of the claims process.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour works with many insurance agents in the Tampa, FL area and this partnership is the most effective when both sides have a thorough understanding of the disaster restoration process involved.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour offers a variety of continuing education (CE) classes for local insurance agents and adjusters that are free to attend and cover each of our main restoration services.  The purpose of these classes is to help insurance agents get a better understanding of what our services entail so they can provide better claims services.

FlexServ Homeowner Logo_TampaFlexServ Program – Tampa, FL

The damage caused to a home or building by a natural disaster can be expensive to repair and more often than not, the costs are covered through a homeowner’s insurance policy.  Depending on your exact policy, there are types of damage that may not be covered which would leave you to cover the restoration cost yourself.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour offers restoration services through our new FlexServ program for homeowners that experience damage not covered by their insurance or who choose not to file a claim.  The FlexServ program is designed to keep the overall cost of the restoration low with a combination of equipment rentals and additional professional assistance so you can perform much of the restoration work yourself.


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