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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services

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Experiencing a disaster that causes significant damage to your home or building is frustrating enough but when your personal belongings are damaged too, the situation can be a nightmare. The damage caused by flooding, mold growth, and fires can extend to your personal items and if your content is not restored quickly enough, there is a chance it can become unsalvageable. RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Tampa, FL to clean and restore damaged personal items. We have the right cleaning products and equipment to fully restore your content and we can also provide pack-out services to clean your content off-site.


On-Site Content Cleaning

Water, smoke, and mold are the most common causes of damage to your content and it is important to address this type of damage right away. Smoke residue and soot can cause discoloration and odors while water can also cause discoloration as well as warping and mold or mildew growth. Our technicians are trained and equipped to thoroughly clean and restore all types of personal items as well as remove any odors left from the damage. We will perform the entire content restoration process on-site if the condition of your home allows and we also help file insurance claims related to your damaged personal items.

Pack-Out Services

If your home or building is left in an unstable condition from the disaster, our technicians can perform a pack-out service to transport your belongings to our facility where they can be restored without risking additional damage. A pack-out is the removal of personal items from a property and as we pack up your damaged content, we take a detailed inventory of every item we pack for your records. We then transport your items to our secured facility where we can thoroughly clean and restore them and keep them safely stored until the restoration work on your home or building is finished. When you are ready to take back your content, a member of our staff will deliver it back to you.

If your personal items have been damaged by a disaster to your home or building in Tampa, FL, do not hesitate to contact RestorationMaster for content cleaning and pack-out services. We have the right equipment to clean and restore all types of personal belongings and we can pack-out and transport your items to our secured facility for more thorough restoration if needed.

You can reach us 24 hours a day at (813) 518-8555 to learn more about our content cleaning and pack-out services.

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