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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services for Clearwater, FL

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The biggest hassle about experiencing damage form a natural disaster is trying to keep that damage contained to limit your losses.  However, disasters such as floods, fires, mold, and severe storms are very difficult to contain and the damage often affects personal items in addition to your home and furnishings.  RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Clearwater, FL to clean and restore all types of personal content that has been damaged.  We are prepared to handle the content cleaning and restoration in your home but if it is in dangerous or unstable condition, we provide pack-out services to take your items to our facility where they can be thoroughly cleaned and restored.

Content Cleaning and Restoration

Many of your personal items are extremely vulnerable to damage from excess water, mold, and soot and your more delicate content can become damaged permanently if it is not restored soon enough.  Our technicians are trained and experienced to effectively restore and deodorize all types of personal belongings using the best cleaning products available.  It is possible to completely clean and restore your content within your home if the conditions are safe and we will also help you file any claims with your insurance provider.

Pack-Out Services

If the damage from the disaster has left your home in an unsafe condition, we offer the option of pack-out services to transport your content to our facility for cleaning and storage.  As we pack-out your items, we create a detailed inventory list that contains each item and we provide you and your insurance company with a copy of the inventory so you can have a record of all the items taken.  Once they reach our facility, your items will undergo a thorough cleaning and restoration process and be put in secure storage until you are ready for them to be returned.  Our technicians will deliver your content directly to your home when you are ready.

Experiencing damage from a disaster is never easy, especially when it has affected your personal items as well.  If a natural disaster has affected your home in Clearwater, FL, call RestorationMaster for disaster restoration that includes content cleaning and pack-out services.  We are available 24 hours a day at (727) 228-7282 to respond to your emergencies in Clearwater, FL.