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Most natural disasters such as floods, fires, and mold can cause extensive damage in your home that is expensive to fix.  Typically, the restoration costs and losses from a natural disaster are covered through homeowner’s insurance but there are certain types of damage that your insurance policy may not cover, leaving you responsible for the costs.  If you have experienced damage to your home in Clearwater, FL that is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance or if you choose not to file a claim, RestorationMaster can provide low cost restoration services with our new FlexServ program.  Through the FlexServ program, we provide equipment rentals as well as professional assistance to help you complete the restoration yourself and keep the overall cost low.

The special program covers dehumidifier rental, air scrubber rental, air mover rental, drying equipment rental, water damage equipment, water removal equipment.

Our restoration services through the FlexServe program begin with an assessment of the damage by our technicians so we can help you choose a service plan that will effectively restore the damage.  These service plans include rental of our state-of-the-art equipment which our technicians will recommend based on the damage, and a level of assistance from our trained professionals.  We will help you determine the appropriate level of assistance according to the level of damage as well as your budget and you will be able to approach our technicians at any time during the project for advice or assistance.

FlexServ-Program-Clearwater, FLRestoration services through our FlexServe program are offered in these levels of service:

  • Bronze: Rental of our advanced equipment, inspection of the equipment pre and post rental
  • Silver: Removal of carpet padding, water extraction, and antimicrobial treatment in addition to the services in the Bronze level
  • Gold: Professional moisture readings, equipment delivery and setup, and equipment pickup in addition the services in the Bronze and Silver level

The following are the benefits of choosing FlexServe over a typical equipment rental facility:

  • Equipment rental recommendations from our experienced technicians
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Equipment that has been properly maintained
  • Delivery and set-up of the equipment
  • Professional planning and assistance from our technicians

Unfortunately, certain types of damage are not covered by insurance which can leave you with an unexpected financial burden.  RestorationMaster offers cost effective restoration services through our FlexServe program for homeowners in Clearwater, FL that have experienced damage not covered by their insurance or have chosen not to file.  You can talk to our professionals about your options through FlexServe by calling us at (813) 730-4258.

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