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Commercial and Office Furniture Repair

The furniture within an office or commercial space whether it is in an individual office, conference room, lobby, or waiting room contributes significantly to the look of the space and can reflect well on the company’s image if it is kept in good condition.  When office furniture becomes worn out or sustains minor damages such as scratches, water marks, gouges, and scuffs, it can diminish the appearance of your office and reflect poorly on potential clients or customers.  Trusted furniture restoration experts provide office furniture repair and restoration services for a variety of business venues such as offices, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals among others to help keep their furniture maintained.

Furniture Medic by MasterCare Experts, Wheaton IL

Why Hire a Professional for Office Furniture Repair

Furniture restoration professionals have the skills and equipment necessary to effectively repair and restore all types of office furniture.  They generally work on-site to repair the furniture and they will accommodate your schedule so that their work will not interrupt your regular business. They also repair your furniture as quickly as possible so that it can be used again.

Office and Commercial Furniture Repair Process

Professional furniture restoration service providers can repair and restore all types of wood and leather furniture found in office and commercial settings such as desks, office chairs, tables, bookshelves, and many others.  Office furniture repair services typically consist of the following procedures:

On-Site Repairs

• Repair and stabilization of structural damage and joints
• Precision repair for minor damages such as scratches, dents, and gouges on wood furniture

Furniture Enhancement

• Sheen adjustment
• Color or finish touch-up

Furniture Restoration and Refinishing

• Color changes
• Complete refinishing
• Restoration from vandalism, flooding, or fire
• Repair of chipped granite and marble

If you are in need of office or commercial furniture repair services, contact a professional furniture restoration expert.  They can provide office furniture repair and restoration services to any commercial or office setting and they can work on-site and within your schedule for minimal interruption to your business.  Call us at (630) 412-1400 to locate furniture repair specialist near you.