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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Rockville, MD

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For many Americans, hoarding disorder is a serious concern that they deal with on a daily basis. It is common for people who are affected by hoarding to feel isolated and embarrassed by the state of their property. This often makes the affected individuals hesitant to get help. However, getting help for hoarding is essential for one’s safety as the cluttered items present dangers such as tripping hazards, fire risks, and even biohazard materials. People who struggle with hoarding often need a trusted loved one’s help to realize these dangers.

RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleanup services in Rockville, MD, to help restore and clean homes that are affected by hoarding. Not only do our technicians have years of experience, but we also handle hoarding cases in a compassionate manner. You can trust that we will do an exceptional job cleaning and restoring the home. The individual affected by hoarding is also put in charge of what contents to remove.

Risks Associated with HoardingHoarding-Cleanup-Services-in-Rockville-MD

Hoarding is more than just a crowded home. The behaviors associated with hoarding are how the affected individual’s strong anxiety manifests. They become unable to part with personal belongings and other contents, such as magazines, trash, and even animals. The more items that are kept in the home, the more dangerous the environment becomes. These items can be tripping hazards, act as fire risks, and block pathways and exits. If animals are around, they can leave biohazard materials throughout the property.

It’s crucial that you speak with your loved one if they struggle with hoarding. You need to help convince them to seek professional help. To do this, it’s helpful to emphasize the dangers of hoarding because it helps them realize that they are putting themselves and their families in danger. When they agree to receive help, contact RestorationMaster for hoarding cleanup services.

Professional Deep Cleaning in Rockville, MD

After your call, our professional technicians visit the home to conduct an inspection, which allows us to provide a free estimate for our hoarding cleaning services. It’s important to establish a sense of comfort with the affected individual. Following the approval of our plan, we will work on developing a relationship with them so that they’re comfortable working with us.

The cleaning process is then led by the affected individual to ensure that only items they’ve approved are removed. Afterward, our technicians clean and remove biohazards, mold, dirt, and stains from the home. We also remove any odors and disinfect the property to ensure that it’s safe to live in.

Within our hoarding cleaning services, the following procedures are included:

  • Respectful and compassionate work: With proper training and years of experience, our technicians know to treat individuals affected by hoarding with compassion and respect. These individuals are also in charge of the cleaning so that we only remove approved items.
  • Unnecessary item removal: We will sort by value items that have been approved for removal and give our input on what to get rid of. The unwanted contents are put in a large trash container.
  • Decontamination: We will restore the home to a clean and safe living space by sanitizing the property and removing bacteria, biohazards, and mold.
  • Odor removal: To ensure clean breathing air, our technicians will eliminate odors from biohazards, mold, and cigarette smoke.
  • Working with insurance: For a seamless claims process, we’ll work with the affected person’s insurance.
  • Review: With scheduled checkup appointments, we’ll ensure the home stays clean. Our technicians can also schedule additional cleanings if necessary.

Respectful Approach to Hoarding Cleaning

Aside from removing items and cleaning the home, hoarding cleaning also considers the affected individual and their comfort. They need to be at ease throughout the whole cleaning process to ensure a successful cleanup.

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