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Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Sterling, VA


(540) 666-6578

If your home or business in the Sterling, VA area is in need of disaster restoration and cleaning services, call RestorationMaster at (540) 666-6578.

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Water Damage Restoration – Sterling, VAwater-damage-restoration-Sterling, VA

Water damage is a common issue that can arise for property owners.  Water damage can be caused by external factors, such as rain and flooding, as well as internal factors such as burst pipes, overflows, and leaking.  Regardless of the amount of water present, it must be attended to as soon as possible to limit the spread of the damage.  Excessive amounts of water can be absorbed by porous building materials, causing substantial damage and mold growth.  Our technicians at RestorationMaster will use professional drying equipment and advanced extraction techniques to restore your home or business property in the Sterling, VA area from the effects of water damage.

Sewage Backup Cleanup – Sterling, VASewage-Backup-Cleanup-Sterling, VA

The damage that water can cause to a property is mostly familiar. However, if that was contains sewage, the situation quickly becomes more dire. Sewage water contains a variety of bacteria, toxins, and infectious substances that can cause harm to those who come in contact with it. RestorationMaster provides total sewage cleanup services in Sterling, VA with professional teams of sewage removal experts. We are equipped and trained to handle the dangerous elements of sewage water. Our sewage backup cleanup teams will clean the area of sewage water, dry the area, and restore your property to a safe condition.

fire-damage-restoration-Sterling, VAFire Damage Restoration- Sterling, VA

Disasters involving fire can be devastating and result in extensive property damage.  In addition to the direct fire damage, smoke and soot left behind by the flames can continue to induce further damage to the property.  RestorationMaster professionally cleans and restores residential and commercial properties in the Sterling, VA area from the aftereffects of a fire disaster.  We will thoroughly clean the smoke and soot damage left behind as well as repair structural damage caused by the fire.


Mold Remediation – Sterling, VAmold-removal-Sterling, VA

Mold is a tricky issue to face because it can lead to serious health problems in addition to structural property damage.  Mold is commonly the result of excessive water exposure within the property structure, creating a moist environment for mold to grow.  If left untreated, mold can cause building materials, such as wood, to rot which leads to further structural damage.  The technicians at RestorationMaster are professionally trained to safely and thoroughly remove mold growth from your property in Sterling, VA and restore the damage caused by the mold.

Storm Damage Cleanup – Sterling, VAStorm-damage-restoration-Sterling, VA

Storm causes a variety of damage. This can be a result of strong winds, lightning strikes, and rainwater floods. No matter the type of storm damage, RestorationMaster is prepared to handle the cleanup process for residents in Sterling, VA. Our storm damage restoration crews will repair, rebuild, and restore your property to its original state as if the storm never happened.


Flood Cleanup – Sterling, VAflood-damage-restoration-Sterling, VA

Flooding in your home or building may occur due to heavy rainfall, burst pipes, sewage backups, or natural flooding.  When flooding occurs, porous building materials will absorb a large amount of water and moisture, causing extensive damage very quickly.  RestorationMaster offers flood damage cleanup services to homes and buildings in Sterling, VA.  Our trained professionals are equipped with advanced water extraction equipment to remove the standing water and dry the property materials and surfaces.


Hoarding Cleanup – Sterling, VAHoarding-cleanup-Sterling, VA

A hoarding habit can lead to unsanitary living conditions involving biohazards and mold. Piles of items can also block exits and create tripping and fire hazards. For these reasons, it’s important to contact professional help if a loved one or a tenant is affected by hoarding. RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleanup in Sterling, VA. Our technicians are available 24/7 to respond to cases of hoarding and will work with the affected individual in a way that includes them in the cleaning process. We will remove excess items, clean biohazards, and recycle and donate contents to local facilities.

construction-services-Sterling, VAConstruction Services – Sterling, VA

A wide range of construction projects, such as expansions, additions, and refurbishments, frequently necessitate the expertise of proficient specialists. Whether you want to enhance your residence through a fresh renovation or require reconstruction in the aftermath of a natural catastrophe, it is crucial to depend on the services of a reliable construction professional. RestorationMaster offers an extensive selection of construction services in Sterling, VA with the goal of facilitating the successful completion of remodeling and reconstruction projects for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of seasoned experts possesses the essential expertise and cutting-edge equipment to efficiently oversee and accomplish diverse construction projects, encompassing all aspects from initial planning to the concluding phases.

Contact RestorationMaster 24 hours for Disaster Restoration in Sterling, VA

You can reach RestorationMaster anytime a day, 365 days a year at (540) 666-6578 for water, fire, hoarding, and mold problems in your properties at Sterling, VA.

Our professionals are IICRC certified. We will restore your house timely with respect and professionalism. We understand the concern with the insurance claims, therefore, we’re dedicated to assisting you throughout the process.

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