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Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction for Silver Spring, MD


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Water Damage Restoration – Silver Spring, MDwater-damage-restoration-Silver Spring, MD

The main source of property damage in both homes and commercial buildings is water.  Whether it is due to a flood, leak, excess moisture, or high humidity, water can cause serious property damage including structural damage and mold growth.  When excess water or moisture gets into a home or building, it gets absorbed in porous building materials and continues to spread throughout the property.  Excess water can come from rain, floods, burst pipes, leaks, or overflows and you need to take action right away to stop its spread and prevent serious damage.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Silver Spring, MD.  Our technicians will remove all standing water and moisture with our advanced equipment and ensure that the damaged areas are restored.

Fire Damage Restoration – Silver Spring, MDFire-damage-restoration-Silver Spring, MD

The thought of a fire on your property is terrifying as fires can start quickly, cause serious damage, and put your safety in jeopardy.  Evacuating the building and calling the fire department should be the first action you take if a fire breaks out on your property.  After the fire is out, you cannot hesitate to call a restoration professional to limit the damage and begin the restoration process.  Corrosive byproducts left behind by the fire including smoke and soot will continue to cause damage to your property in the aftermath of the fire.  At RestorationMaster, we provide fire damage restoration services in Silver Spring, MD to limit and restore the damage caused by fire.  Our technicians will address the structural damage as well as the damage caused by smoke, soot, and other corrosive elements.

Mold Remediation – Silver Spring, MDmold-remediation-Silver Spring, MD

The appearance of mold is a major issue in homes and buildings.  Mold growth has the potential to cause serious structural damage to the affected surfaces and it can negatively impact the health of those who are exposed.  Mold spores need moisture and an organic food source to survive, making it a common occurrence after water damage and in moist areas.  Once mold appears, it can spread at any time to new areas of your property by dispersing its spores.  RestorationMaster provides mold remediation services in Silver Spring, MD to remove mold from homes and businesses.  Our technicians will uncover all mold growth on the property and remove it using advanced equipment and methods.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out – Silver Spring, MDContent-cleaning-and-pack-out-Silver Spring, MD

It is basically inevitable that when a natural disaster causes damage to your home or building, the damage will extend to your personal items.  The damage caused by fires, floods, mold, and storms is difficult to contain and could cause permanent damage to your clothing, jewelry, electronics, and other personal belongings.  You must get your damaged items cleaned and restored as quickly as possible after a disaster to prevent permanent damage.  RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Silver Spring, MD to clean and restore personal belongings damaged in a disaster.  We can either restore your content on your property or take them to our state-of-the-art facility for complete cleaning and restoration.

Hoarding Cleanup Services – Silver Spring, MDhoarding-cleanup-Silver Spring, MD

When an individual is affected by hoarding, they are generally struggling with anxiety that is expressed as an inability to get rid of personal content. As such, the individual’s home will become cluttered with items, eventually presenting various dangers. Items pile up and block entries and exits and can act as tripping or fire hazards. Because of this, professional hoarding cleaning help is important. However, such help should only be hired when the affected individual has agreed to get help. Serving Silver Spring, MD, RestorationMaster provide hoarding cleanup services to help clean and restore homes affected by hoarding. We will place the affected individual in charge of the cleaning process so that we only remove items that have been approved by them. Then, we clean and restore the home to a safe, tidy living space.

Frozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration – Silver Spring, MDfrozen-burst-pipes-Silver Spring, MD

Just like how you need to bundle up for freezing temperatures, your home also needs to be insulated from the cold. If not, freezing temperatures can cause your home’s pipes to freeze and possibly burst open. When pipes freeze, the water inside also freezes. Water expands in size when it turns into ice, and it can place so much pressure on the pipe that it forces it to burst open. In such a case, the water will exit the pipe and spread throughout the surrounding areas. Serving Silver Spring, MD, RestorationMaster provides frozen pipe water damage restoration services to assist properties that have sustained water damage following a burst pipe. Our technicians will remove the excess water and then repair the water damage.

construction-services-Silver Spring, MDConstruction Services – Silver Spring, MD

If you are in need of home renovations, home expansions, or reconstruction projects, it is vital to rely on the expertise of construction professionals. These experts possess the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently plan and execute a wide range of construction projects, ensuring successful results. At RestorationMaster, we provide comprehensive construction services for both residential and commercial properties in Silver Spring, MD. Our team includes highly skilled professionals who have the expertise and advanced tools needed to effectively manage any construction project, ensuring a seamless progression from the initial planning phase to its ultimate completion.