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Mold Removal Services for Silver Spring, MD

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The presence of mold in your home is more than a threat to damage property, it can also contribute to adverse health reactions such as allergies and infection and it will continue to spread the longer it is left unchecked.  Mold should be removed from a home or building immediately to prevent it from spreading and increasing health risks and the job can be done most effectively by a mold removal professional.  RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Silver Spring, MD to remove mold from residential and commercial settings.  We have the expertise to effectively remove all mold growth and we will help prevent the mold from returning.

Mold Remediation

Mold is very difficult to clean up completely and most of the time homeowners that remove mold themselves cannot prevent it from growing back.  It is best to have a certified professional handle mold removal and RestorationMaster has the experience and equipment to find and remove all visible and hidden mold growth as well as repair the moisture source to prevent mold from returning.  You should avoid taking on mold remediation yourself and instead call the professionals of RestorationMaster for these reasons:

  • Rate of mold growth: Mold only needs moisture and a food source which could include wood or drywall to form and once it starts, it will continue to spread very quickly.
  • Mold can cause significant damage: Mold damages the surfaces it grows on and the further it spreads through the home, the more extensive the damage will be.
  • Visible mold may only be part of the problem: Mold can grow in so many hidden locations such as behind walls or wall panels, inside air ducts, and other hidden areas that can only be detected with proper testing equipment.
  • Mold removal is hazardous: Mold can contribute to allergic reactions and respiratory problems and if mold is mishandled, it will release more spores into the air which make these health risks even greater.  Our technicians will keep the mold from spreading to unaffected areas.

If you find mold growing in your home or building, do not attempt to remove it yourself and instead contact RestorationMaster .  We have the training and equipment to effectively remove mold from homes and businesses in Silver Spring, MD and we will respond within a few hours of your initial call to begin the remediation process.  For a free estimate for our mold remediation services, call us anytime at (301) 381-2304.