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Mold Remediation Greenbelt, MD | Mold Removal

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Mold Remediation in Greenbelt, MD

Mold can be a silent problem on your property as it may appear in hidden places and affect your health. Mold tends to grow in dark, moist areas and if it is not quickly removed, it will spread throughout your home or building. It is important to call a professional at the first hint of mold to protect your property and your health.

At AdvantaClean of Bowie, we are here to help with our mold remediation services in Greenbelt, MD. Our team of professionals will remove all mold growth and ensure that the affected areas of your home or building are restored.

Mold-Remediation-in-Greenbelt-MDBlack Mold

Black mold is the most common mold to appear after water damage. Like other molds, it can spread its spores very quickly if it is not removed. It may seem tempting and less expensive to try and remove black mold yourself, but if it is not done correctly, it can cause more damage and increase your costs down the line. That is why it is always best to call a professional for mold remediation.

Our Mold Removal Services Include:

  • Non-Salvageable Material Removal
  • Deodorization and Dehumidification
  • Water Source Elimination
  • Affected Content Removal and Decontamination

Common Misconceptions Regarding DIY Mold Remediation

The fear of costly repairs, treatment, and other remediations may lead some people to try to remove mold on their own. It is important to know the following before attempting any DIY mold removal:

  1. Do not try to clean any mold with at-home remedies, such as bleach or vinegar. These products can make the damage worse and spread mold spores.
  2. Do not paint or caulk over any moldy surfaces. This will make the spores move quicker.
  3. Do not touch any moldy surfaces. This can release spores into the air, causing the growth to spread.
  4. It is important to create a negatively-pressurized space to ensure no mold spores are released into the air.

Our professionals at AdvantaClean of Bowie know how to remove mold correctly and quickly. Using high-powered air scrubbers and correct containment measures, we will eliminate all mold growth.

Call AdvantaClean of Bowie Now

The most important aspect of mold control is timing. Our professionals will get in and get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Give AdvantaClean of Bowie a call at (301) 750-9969 for mold remediation in Greenbelt, MD.

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