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Water Damage Restoration In Greenbelt, MD

AdvantaClean of Bowie

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Water damage is one of the leading causes of property damage. The culprit for water damage could be as simple as a pipe burst or as severe as a flood or storm. Whatever the cause, it is incredibly important to clean up the water as soon as possible to reduce the continued damage and mold growth.

Water damage spreads quickly, so it’s a good plan to have somebody to call at a moment’s notice. At AdvantaClean of Bowie, we specialize in providing water damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Greenbelt, MD. Our technicians are trained to remove any amount of water and repair the damage left behind.

Estrichtrocknung nach WasserschadenOur Water Removal Process Includes:

  • Initial evaluation to determine the extent of the damage
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Structural drying
  • Demolition if necessary
  • Drying of affected content and furnishings
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Sewage Removal

Water damage can be very deceptive: what may seem like minor damage can be revealed to be much worse than anticipated. Here at AdvantaClean of Bowie, our professionals go in knowing the signs of water damage. We make use of fans and dehumidifiers to make sure any affected structure and material is completely dry to ensure the structural integrity of your property. If the water damage has compromised the drywall, we will dry and save as much of the wall as we can. We will also dry any furniture that has been affected.

Trusted Water Removal

Leaving undetected water damage will undoubtedly cause more expenses and repairs down the road. It is important to contact professional technicians quickly to curb any further damage.

AdvantaClean of Bowie in Greenbelt, MD has the experienced staff and professional equipment to get the job done right. At AdvantaClean of Bowie, we are trained in creating individualized plans to best fit your situation. Our team will do an evaluation of the damage and give you a custom estimate of the removal process.

Our technicians will repair or remove any damaged structural materials. Our team will also remove any mold growth and take measures to prevent future growth or spreading.

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AdvantaClean of Bowie is ready to help with water damage restoration 24/7 in Greenbelt, MD. Call us today at (301) 750-9969.

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