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Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Services for Baltimore, MD



RestorationMaster is a restoration professional that provides disaster restoration and cleaning services for homes and businesses in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians are IICRC certified and have the training and experience to fully restore your property following a disaster, no matter the extent of the damage.

When major property damage occurs in your home or business, it can disrupt your life and affect your business operations.  The damage caused by the disaster will also get worse the longer you don’t take action.  At RestorationMaster, we understand the urgency of restoring your home which is why we are available 24 hours a day and arrive quickly after your call.  Our technicians will immediately begin limiting the damage so we can get your home or business back on track.

Our professionals at RestorationMaster approach each project with the following:

  • Compassion: Dealing with property damage is stressful. Our technicians always show compassion to our customers to help ease their stress through the process.
  • Expertise: We hold multiple IICRC certifications, and we use the best methods and equipment of the industry to fully restore your property.
  • Integrity: You can expect quality work at a fair price, and we will always treat you and your home with respect.

Our disaster restoration and cleaning services include the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke and soot damage cleaning
  • Mold Remediation
  • Sewage backup cleaning
  • Construction

RestorationMaster has more than 50 years of combined experience in disaster restoration.  Each of our technicians are highly trained to provide the best possible disaster restoration services and our field managers are each IICRC certified in water mitigation, mold abatement, fire damage restoration, and pack-out services.  We use the most advanced equipment and restoration techniques of the industry to ensure that your home or business is effectively restored to its original condition.  In addition to quality results, you can expect excellent customer service and the utmost professionalism from our staff.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (443)-971-3957 for emergency disaster restoration services in Baltimore, MD.

Water Damage Restoration in Baltimore, MDWater Damage Restoration – Baltimore, MD

Discovering significant damage in your home from excess water or flooding can be very frustrating.  It is normal to feel a sense of helplessness at the sight of standing water, but it is very important to react immediately or the excess water can cause very serious structural damage or mold growth in your home.  Water damage is not just caused by wet weather conditions like rain and natural floods, it can also occur from a leak, burst pipe, overflow, or sewage backup.  At RestorationMaster, we can restore homes and businesses in Baltimore, MD that have been damaged by excess water or flooding with our water damage restoration services.  Our technicians have the right equipment to remove water and moisture, and we will also restore the damaged materials and help prevent mold.

Sewage Backup Cleaning – Baltimore, MDSewage-Backup-Cleaning-–-Baltimore-MD

Excess water and moisture can cause significant damage to residential and commercial properties in Baltimore, MD. However, contaminated water and sewage can result in even greater destruction. To limit the extent of the damage in these situations, and to fully disinfect your property, we offer sewage backup cleaning services here at RestorationMaster. We will fully decontaminate affected areas, provide deodorization services, dry and dehumidify your property, and return your building to a livable condition.

Fire-Damage-Restoration Baltimore MDFire Damage Restoration – Baltimore, MD

It is difficult for business owners or homeowners to imagine a disaster worse than a fire as fires can quickly cause a devastating amount of damage and put your life at risk.  Putting out the fire only provides so much relief as smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts are left lingering on your property.  These byproducts will keep spreading and settling throughout the building, causing additional damage to the surfaces and objects they affect.  You must call a professional as soon as possible after the fire is out to begin the restoration and prevent widespread permanent damage.  RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Baltimore, MD recover after a fire.  We can effectively rebuild structural damage from the fire and we use advanced equipment such as our Ultrasonic Machine to restore surfaces and objects affected by corrosive byproducts.

Mold Remediation – Baltimore, MDMold-Remediation-Mold-Removal-Baltimore MD

Mold growth is one of the most unwelcome sights in a home or business because there are often a range of issues associated with its presence.  Mold does not grow without a moisture source which means that its appearance could be caused by water damage, and it slowly destroys the affected surfaces which can lead to major structural damage.  The potential health effects are another problem with mold as exposure to the mold spores can lead to a range of allergic reactions and even infection.  RestorationMaster provides complete mold remediation services to help locate and remove mold growth from homes and businesses in Baltimore, MD.  Our technicians are IICRC certified to treat mold infestations and we work with industrial hygienists to ensure that all mold growth is discovered and removed.

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration – Baltimore, MDSmoke-Damage-Restoration-and-smoke-removal– Baltimore, MD

Fires can cause serious damage to the building materials and objects within your home, but the smoke and soot that linger after the fire can cause even more damage.  Smoke and soot are corrosive byproducts created by the heat of the fire that can settle on various materials and objects and cause etching and discoloration.  Furnace puffbacks can also release smoke and soot in your home that can cause serious damage without quick cleaning.  RestorationMaster provides smoke and soot damage cleaning services in Baltimore, MD to clean up smoke and soot from fires and furnace puffbacks.  Our technicians will restore objects and materials affected by soot and remove lingering smoke odors with advanced deodorization techniques.


Construction-Baltimore-mdConstruction Services – Baltimore, MD

All types of construction projects, including additions, remodeling, and reconstruction, generally require the expertise of trained professionals.  Whether you want to improve your home with a new remodel or need to rebuild following damage from a natural disaster, you need to call a construction professional you can trust.  At RestorationMaster, we provide comprehensive construction services in Baltimore, MD to help complete remodeling and reconstruction projects for homes and businesses.  Our professionals have the experience and equipment to handle any type of construction project from planning through to completion.


plumbing-and-drain-cleaning-Baltimore, MDPlumbing and Drain Cleaning Services – Baltimore, MD

The plumbing system is important for homes and businesses to have running water and if there is a problem with the plumbing, the issue needs to be resolved right away.  Common plumbing issues such as leaks, damaged or burst pipes, overflows, drain clogs, and sewage backups can cause water to get into the property which can cause extensive damage.  As soon as you notice an issue with the plumbing on your property, you should call professionals to fix it right away.  RestorationMaster provides plumbing and drain cleaning services in Baltimore, MD to repair plumbing issues.  Our technicians will identify and fix the plumbing problem and restore the damage caused by the water.


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