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Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Services in Frederick, MD


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Water Damage Restoration – Frederick, MDwater-damage-restoration-Frederick, MD

Excess water and moisture are the most common sources of property damage in both homes and commercial buildings.  This is because water can enter a home or building in a number of ways, including from weather conditions like natural floods and rain, and internal problems like leaks, pipe bursts, and overflows.  Regardless of how the water got in, it needs to be removed immediately because it will spread through porous materials, leading to structural damage and mold growth.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services to remove water from affected properties in Frederick, MD.  Our technicians use advanced equipment to extract standing water, dry wet materials, and repair the damage.

Fire Damage Restoration – Frederick, MDfire-damage-restoration-Frederick, MD

Fires are major disasters that cause very serious damage and put lives at risk.  When a fire breaks out, it is very important to get the building evacuated and call the fire department to put out the blaze.  You must turn your attention to the restoration of your property as soon as the fire is out because the damage will continue to occur.  Fires leave behind smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts that will spread further throughout your property after the fire and cause damage to the affected materials.  RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services to help clean up and rebuild damaged homes and businesses in Frederick, MD.  We can repair structural damage caused by the fire and we use advanced cleaning products to remove the effects of smoke and soot.

Mold Remediation – Frederick, MDmold-remediation-Frederick, MD

Mold is an unwelcome sight in homes and buildings because of the danger it presents to your property and your health.  Mold is most likely to appear in moist areas or after water damage has occurred because the mold spores need a moisture source to survive.  When mold appears on a surface, it eats away at the materials which can cause severe structural damage.  The possible health effects are also a major concern as mold exposure can trigger allergic reactions and possible infections.  RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Frederick, MD to remove mold growth and repair the damage it caused.  We use advanced equipment and cleaning products to ensure that the mold is removed completely from your property.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out – Frederick, MDcontent-cleaning-pack-out-Frederick, MD

Natural disasters cause pervasive damage in homes and buildings, often affecting your personal belongings as well as the furnishings and structural elements of the building.  When your personal content is damaged, it is important to get it cleaned as quickly as possible to prevent the damage from becoming permanent.  Mold, fire, smoke, and water can cause significant damage to clothing, electronics, artwork, and other content.  RestorationMaster provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Frederick, MD to clean and restore your personal items that have been affected by a disaster.  Our technicians can do the full cleaning and restoration on-site or take your content to our facility with our pack-out services.

Hoarding Cleanup Services – Frederick, MDhoarding-cleanup-Frederick, MD

If an individual is affected by hoarding, then the conditions in their home may be dangerous. As they accumulate more items, the clutter becomes hazardous as items might block exits or pose tripping or fire hazards. Because of these dangers, it’s important for affected individuals to get professional cleaning help but only once they’ve agreed to it. RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleanup services to help clean and restore homes of individuals affected by hoarding in Frederick, MD. Our technicians will be respectful and compassionate while cleaning and restoring the home and we place the individual in charge so that only approved items are removed.


Frozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration – Frederick, MDfrozen-pipes-water-damage-restoration-Frederick, MD

When there are freezing temperatures outside, your property’s pipes are at risk of freezing. The water inside of the pipes will freeze and turn into ice. When this happens, it expands in size and places pressure on the pipe. With enough pressure, the pipe bursts open and spreads water throughout your property, causing serious water damage. RestorationMaster provides frozen pipe water damage restoration services in Frederick, MD, to help clean and restore properties that have suffered a pipe burst. Our technicians will extract the water, resolve the source, and restore your property.

construction-services-Frederick, MDConstruction Services – Frederick, MD

A wide array of construction projects, including expansions, makeovers, and repairs, often call for the expertise of construction professionals. Whether you want to improve your home with a renovation or need to recover from a natural disaster, it is crucial to enlist the assistance of a dependable construction specialist. RestorationMaster is committed to providing comprehensive construction solutions in Frederick, MD, serving both residential and commercial establishments. Our skilled team includes individuals with the requisite knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment to proficiently oversee any construction project, guaranteeing a smooth progression from initial planning to ultimate fulfillment.

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