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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services for Falls Church, VA 22046

ServiceMaster NCR

ServiceMaster NCR (National Capital Restoration) is a trusted provider of disaster restoration and cleaning services with a reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction.  Our technicians are highly trained to provide our services for homes and businesses in Fall Church, VA using the best cleaning products and equipment available.  The main services we provide include flood damage restoration, smoke and fire damage restoration, mold remediation, specialty cleaning services, and biohazard cleaning.

ServiceMaster NCR ServicesServiceMaster NCR is the largest ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration provider in the Washington D.C. area and one of the largest ServiceMaster franchises in the United States.  We have been family owned since 1986 and our secured 27,500 ft. facility allows us to handle pack-out services as well as offsite cleaning and storage.

In response to the Covid-19 situation, ServiceMaster NCR provides professional Coronavirus cleaning and disinfection services to businesses in the Falls Church, VA area.

If a disaster should strike or if you need fire or water damage cleanup services in Falls Church, VA 22046, ServiceMaster NCR can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling us at (703)596-3171.

Flood Damage Restoration – Falls Church, VA

Falls ChurchWater damage can happen in a home or building with little to no warning and if it is not addressed right away, the water will spread through absorbent building materials to make the damage worse.  Excess water may enter a home due to heavy rain, floods, high humidity, plumbing leaks, or burst pipes and it must be dealt with immediately to prevent further damage and mold growth.  ServiceMaster NCR provides flood damage restoration services in Falls Church, VA to clean up and restore damage caused by flooding or excess moisture.  We have the experience and equipment to effectively remove excess water and moisture from your home.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Falls Church, VA

Fire-Damage-Restoration-in-Falls-ChurchA fire can very quickly cause significant damage to a home or building and the smoke from a fire will spread throughout the building to make the damage worse.  The soot and corrosive byproducts will continue to cause damage to household surfaces after the fire is put out which will become permanent without quick enough restoration services.  ServiceMaster NCR provides fire and smoke damage restoration services in Falls Church, VA to limit and restore the damage after a fire.  We use the most advanced equipment of the industry and stay up to date with technical and procedural training.

Mold Remediation – Falls Church, VA

mold cleaning falls churchMold can be a very troublesome presence in a home or building as it will cause damage to the surfaces it grows on until it is removed.  All mold spores need is moisture and an organic food source to grow and exposure to mold can lead to heath issues such as allergies and respiratory problems.  ServiceMaster NCR provides mold remediation services in Falls Church, VA to find and remove mold growth as well as restore the resulting damage.  Our new Trifect mold solution includes cost efficient and non-destructive assessment and testing using the InstaScope mold assessment system.

Hoarding Cleaning – Falls Church, VA

Hoarding Cleaning in Falls Church, VAHoarding is a serious problem that can lead to dangerous and unsanitary living conditions, making it important for those who struggle with hoarding to have their homes cleaned and restored.  Hoarding is a mental disorder with underlying anxiety issues that cause the individual to have trouble getting rid of any objects they have collected in their home.  As the hoarded items accumulate, they take away more space in the home and increase the risk of mold or bacteria growth that can have serious health implications.  ServiceMaster NCR provides hoarding cleaning services in Falls Church, VA to clean and disinfect homes affected by hoarding.  We are fully trained and equipped to handle the cleanup and we keep the individual involved in the process so that they have an element of control.

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – Falls Church, VA

biohazard cleaning in Falls Church VAThe scene of an injury or death can be overwhelming to encounter as well as dangerous, and it is important to call the proper authorities and a professional that is certified to cleanup biohazard materials.  Dangerous materials such as blood and bodily fluids contain viruses and other toxins that will spread infection and disease and cleaning up these materials improperly will only increase this risk.  ServiceMaster NCR provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services to clean up and remove biohazard materials in Falls Church, VA.  We will make sure all biohazard materials are completely removed and disinfect the scene so that it is safe for use.

ServiceMaster Blood Cleanup in Falls Church, VABlood Cleaning Services – Falls Church, VA

Anything from a major accident to a minor cut can draw blood and no matter how much blood is present on the scene, only a certified professional should attempt the cleanup and restoration.  If blood is cleaned up or handled improperly, the risk of spreading disease or infection through the dangerous toxins in the blood becomes much greater.  ServiceMaster NCR provides blood cleaning services in Falls Church, VA to thoroughly remove blood and stains from the scene of a crime or injury.  We will make sure all blood, plasma, and other biohazard materials are removed before disinfecting the entire scene.

Bio Recovery Services in Falls Church, VABio Recovery Services – Falls Church, VA

Biohazard materials are dangerous to encounter in any scenario as they tend to harbor bacteria, viruses, and other harmful toxins that spread infection and disease.  These materials include blood, bodily fluids, mold, sewage, and other harmful organic materials and they must be removed by a professional regardless of the situation.  ServiceMaster NCR provides bio recovery services in Falls Church, VA to clean up and remove biohazard materials as well as restore the scene to a safe condition with disinfection.  If a situation in which our bio recovery services are needed involves a major injury or death, we take a compassionate and respectful approach to help ease the emotional stress.

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Restoration Services was very professional and they were also knowledgeable. They arrived on time, set up what needed to be set up and completed the job. I will definitely recommend them to ALL that I know.

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Excellent Service and Excellent Customer Service

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Hard workers did a thorough inspection of the property, quickly (same day) remediated the damage.