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About RestorationMaster

Water damage is nearly impossible to avoid as it can happen due to so many different causes.  Wet weather conditions including heavy rain and flooding can lead to water damage as well as plumbing or appliance leaks, burst pipes, and overflows.  It is very important to address any type of water damage quickly because water seeps into porous materials, spreading the damage and increasing the risk of mold growth.  If structural elements made from wood and drywall absorb too much water, there is a risk of structural damage.  RestorationMaster provides complete water damage restoration in Rockville, MD to remove water and moisture and restore the resulting damage.  We will ensure that the affected areas are thoroughly dried and restored with our advanced equipment and methods.

Fire Damage Restoration – Rockville, MD

Fires are among the most feared disasters because they can very quickly cause extensive damage on your property as well as injuries or worse. If your property is affected by a fire, you need to evacuate the property immediately and make sure the fire department arrives to extinguish the fire.  The restoration of your property needs to begin as soon as possible because the damage can continue to get worse after the fire is out.  Heat from the flames creates corrosive byproducts such as smoke and soot that will tarnish and etch affected materials.  The damage from these corrosive byproducts can become permanent very quickly.  At RestorationMaster , we provide fire damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Rockville, MD that have been affected by a fire.  Our technicians can clean up damage from corrosive byproducts with powerful cleaners and rebuild structural damage.

Mold Remediation – Rockville, MD

Nobody likes finding mold in their home or building because it is unsightly, damaging, and dangerous for your health.  Mold tends to grow in areas where there is excess moisture and it feeds on the organic materials that are found in building materials like wood and drywall.  If mold growth is allowed to linger, it can eventually cause serious structural damage to the affected surfaces.  The risk of related health effects will also increase the longer mold is ignored as exposure can cause a number of allergic reactions and even infections in extreme cases.  RestorationMaster provides mold remediation services to locate and remove mold from homes and commercial buildings in Rockville, MD.  We will make sure all mold is removed and repair the resulting damage.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – Rockville, MD

The appearance of any space, whether a room or office, is heavily affected by the condition of the carpet and furniture upholstery.  The color and design of these materials plays heavily into the look of a space and if the carpeting or upholstery is dirty or stained, it can diminish the look of the room.  Both the carpeting and upholstery gather dirt and debris consistently from regular use which leads to staining, discoloration, and eventually deterioration.  Regular vacuuming will help reduce the dirt buildup, but this won’t remove it all.  RestorationMaster provides professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Rockville, MD to clean and restore these materials.  We use advanced cleaning methods and products to extract all dirt and debris buildup and remove stains which will improve the appearance and extend the life of your carpeting and furniture upholstery.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out – Rockville, MD

The damage caused by natural disasters, including floods, storms, fires, and mold growth, can spread throughout your home and affect the building, furnishings, and your personal items.  The damage to your personal belongings is often the most frustrating part and if these items are not properly cleaned and restored quickly, they could become permanently damaged.  At RestorationMaster , we can clean and restore a range of damaged personal items with our content cleaning and pack-out services in Rockville, MD.  We can take care of the content cleaning and restoration on-site if the condition of your property allows or take your items to our facility for cleaning with our pack-out services.

Hoarding Cleanup Services – Rockville, MD

Hoarding is a serious disorder that can cause the affected individual to be living in a dangerous situation. As the hoarded items accumulate, they can block entryways and act as fire or tripping hazards. Knowing this, it’s crucial for affected individuals to get professional hoarding cleaning help. However, help should only be hired upon their approval. RestorationMaster provides hording cleanup services in Rockville, MD, to clean and restore homes that have been affected by hoarding. The affected individual will take lead on the cleaning process to ensure we only remove items they’ve approved of. We then clean and restore the home so that they have a healthy, safe space to live in.

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – Rockville, MD

Biohazard materials of all types are very dangerous because they contain harmful toxins and they should be cleaned and removed by licensed professionals, regardless of the situation.  The most common biohazard materials you may come across on your property include sewage and mold, as well as blood and other bodily fluids in situations involving a serious injury or death.  If a traumatic event occurs involving a violent crime or serious accident, you need to call emergency responders right away and a professional that can restore the scene.  RestorationMaster provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services in Rockville, MD to safely clean and restore scenes containing dangerous materials.  We will remove all biohazard materials and fully disinfect the scene to eliminate health risks.

Soot Puffback Cleaning Services – Rockville, MD

Furnace puffbacks occur when your furnace has an ignition problem, and it causes smoke, soot, and debris to be blown into your home. These substances settle and damage any surrounding walls, items, and other surfaces. Most of this damage will be corrosive, and it requires proper cleaning to prevent irreversible harm. RestorationMaster offers homes in Rockville, MD, with soot puffback cleaning services to clean and restore properties after a furnace puffback happens. Properly equipped, our technicians will clean and restore the damage while ensuring the soot is completely removed.

Frozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration – Rockville, MD

Freezing temperatures can be harmful for your home’s pipes, because frozen pipes can become burst pipes. The water insides freezes and expands as it turns to ice, and it can place enough pressure on the pipe to burst it open. When it bursts, water spreads and causes damage to the nearby areas. Serving Rockville, MD, RestorationMaster can help restore your property in the aftermath of a burst pipe through the frozen pipe water damage restoration services we offer. We start by extracting the excess water and then restore your property of the damage.