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Frozen Pipe Water Damage Restoration in Rockville, MD

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Freezing temperatures are more than just a concern for you. They can also cause pipes to freeze and even burst open. When the temperature drops below freezing, the water inside the pipes will freeze, expanding as it turns into ice. If there’s enough pressure from the ice, then the pipe will burst open and spread water, which can result in water damage to your property.

You not only need to take time to keep yourself warm, but you also need to take time to keep your property warm as well. Otherwise, the frozen and/or burst pipes can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration.

Burst Pipes

When pipes burst open, the water it used to hold will flood the area, resulting in an emergency. In such a situation, you need to shut off the main water switch right away and then contact professionals for help. Call RestorationMaster to get professional assistance with our water damage restoration services for burst pipes in Rockville, MD.

Our technicians are experienced with pipe burst water damage restoration. We will come to your home or business right away and start our work by extracting the water. Then, we’ll restore the damaged building materials. If any building materials were soiled and require replacement, we can handle that as well.

Finding Frozen PipesFrozen-Pipe-Water-Damage-Restoration-Rockville-MD

A tough challenge that frozen pipes present is that they are usually hidden in your attic or behind walls.

If a pipe bursts in your property, then you need to act quickly. Shut off the main water valve and get in touch with us for the water damage restoration services we provide. Our professional technicians will use advanced equipment to remove standing water and eliminate excess moisture from building materials and the air.  Furthermore, this equipment allows us to work in an effective and efficient manner, so your property will be restored sooner.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

With ample preparation, you can prevent your property’s pipes from becoming frozen. Just follow these steps:

  • Using hot and cold water valves, turn all faucets on to a low drip. This allows water to continue flowing through the pipes, preventing them from freezing up as easily.
  • For water pipes in colder areas of your property, insulate them with insulation or electrical tape.
  • Combat the freezing temperatures outside by setting up a heater in your home’s crawlspace, basement, and/or attic.
  • Allow warmer air to circulate around sink pipes by opening the cabinet doors beneath them.
  • Turn the main water exterior valve off so water won’t flow to exterior pipes.

What to Do When Finding Frozen Pipes

Your pipes might be frozen if you turn the faucets on only for no water to come out. In such a case, you should check the pipeline for frozen pipes. If they are, then immediately thaw the pipes to prevent flooding. Refer to these tips to thaw the pipes:

  • Locate the wall behind the frozen pipe and set up either an infrared lamp or space heater.
  • Remove the drywall so you can access the frozen pipe and thaw it out with a hair dryer or heat lamp. To help push the ice out, turn the water on.
  • Thaw the pipe by increasing the temperature in your home.

Freezing temperatures may not be as common in Maryland as they are in other states, but they do happen occasionally. Knowing this, you should take the time to prepare your pipes if freezing cold weather is expected. This will prevent them from freezing and, as a result, bursting open and causing water damage.

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