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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Silver Spring, MD


For many Americans, hoarding is a serious problem that affects their everyday lives. The behaviors manifested by those affected by the mental disorder can make them feel individualized and embarrassed, and they rarely reach out for help. In many cases, a trusted loved one usually helps them realize how dangerous hoarding can be.

Helping those in need in Silver Spring, MD, ServiceMaster Restoration of Montgomery, Frederick, Howard, & Washington Counties provides hoarding cleanup services to clean and restore hoarding-affected homes. Not only do our technicians have valuable experience, but they also approach hoarding cases in a compassionate manner. Knowing this, you can trust that our hoarding cleaning services will result in quality results. We always work directly with the affected individual and make sure they have final say on what gets removed from the home.

Risks Associated with HoardingHoarding-Cleanup-Services-in-Silver-Spring-MD

When you see an individual affected by hoarding with a cluttered home, what you’re really seeing is a manifestation of their anxiety as an inability to get rid of items. These items can include things like collectibles, magazine, trash, and even animals. The more of these items a person accumulates, the more dangers there will be. The items can block access to entryways and pathways or can be tripping or fire hazards.

If your loved one is struggling with hoarding, it’s important to talk to them right away. Discuss their hoarding disorder and emphasize the dangers it brings. Convince them that professional cleaning help is necessary for their own safety. Upon their agreement, call ServiceMaster Restoration of Montgomery, Frederick, Howard, & Washington Counties for help from our hoarding cleanup services.

Professional Deep Cleaning

To begin, our professional technicians come to the home to inspect it and provide a free estimate. Following approval, we then ensure the affected individual feels comfortable working with us by developing a relationship with them built on mutual trust and respect.

We will only get rid of items that have been approved for removal. We do this by placing the affected individual in charge of the cleaning process. After item removal, dirt, stains, mold, and biohazards are removed, odors are eliminated, and the home is disinfected.

Within our hoarding cleaning services, the following procedures are included:

  • Respectful and compassionate work: Our technicians, who are trained and experienced in hoarding cleaning services, will be respectful and compassionate with the individual affected by hoarding. With the affected individual in charge, we only remove items with their approval.
  • Unnecessary item removal: After sorting them by value, we’ll give input on which items should be removed. The unwanted contents will be placed in a trash bin.
  • Decontamination: Our technicians will restore the home to a clean and safe living environment by sanitizing it and getting rid of all mold, biohazard materials, and bacteria.
  • Odor removal: From mold to cigarette smoke to biohazards, we’ll remove the odor left behind by these materials so that there’s clean breathing air.
  • Working with insurance: Making the claims process seamless, we’ll work with the affected person’s insurance company.
  • Review: We will make sure that the home remains in a clean state by scheduling check-in appointments. If needed, our technicians can perform additional scheduled cleanings.

Respectful Approach to Hoarding Cleaning

Removing contents and cleaning the property are key parts of hoarding cleaning, but there’s more to it than just that. The affected individual also needs to feel comfortable to ensure the cleaning is a success, which can be done by treating them with respect and compassion.

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Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

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