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Mold Remediation in San Diego, CA

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If you discover mold growing in your home or commercial business, then it’s concerning. This is because it can cause structural damage and present various health risks. Mold often grows in response to water damage or some other form of excess moisture, because the moisture allows mold spores to thrive. Furthermore, building materials like drywall and wood are often affected by mold because the mold uses its cellulose content as a food source. If the mold isn’t properly removed and cleaned, then it will continue to cause damage, which eventually becomes permanent.

In San Diego, CA, RestorationMaster helps mold-affected homes and businesses by providing them with mold remediation services. We will locate all cases of mold — including concealed mold — and remove it. Additionally, our technicians will conduct repairs and restoration on damaged materials.

Mold Damage

Never ignore any mold you find growing in your property because the problem only gets worse. The mold will spread until it has been addressed, and anyone exposed to the mold can suffer from health problems. These health problems will worsen with prolonged exposure. One example of such is respiratory infection.

Mold is usually found growing on drywall and wood, because they contain cellulose — a food source for mold. Knowing this, the mold is actually eating away at the material. This can cause minor issues like discoloration, but eventually, the material will be too weak and become seriously structurally damaged.

When you ignore mold growth, the damage and the potential health concerns will worsen. If someone is exposed to mold, then they may suffer from allergic reactions: coughing, headaches, nasal congestion, itchy eyes and throat, and skin irritation. Prolonged exposure may result in infections.

Mold Removal San Diego, CA

For RestorationMaster’s professional mold removal services in San Diego, CA, call (888) 915-7197.

Mold Remediation Services

Water damage or excess moisture often triggers mold growth. Because of this, we begin our service by checking for/evaluating water damage. We will figure out the extent of the moisture absorption and mold growth and contain any mold to prevent it from spreading. Using the industry’s best cleaning products and equipment, we then remove the mold. Following mold removal, we will either replace or repair the damaged materials.

The following steps are included within our mold remediation services:

  • Locate and repair the moisture source that resulted in mold growth
  • Restore or replace damaged surfaces
  • Protect our technicians, clients, and your property
  • Contain mold to prevent it from spreading

If you discover mold growing in your property, act right away to prevent further damage and potential health concerns. Call RestorationMaster for our mold remediation services in San Diego, CA.

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For mold remediation services in San Diego, CA, we can be reached at (888) 915-7197 at all hours of the day.

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