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Biohazard Cleanup in San Diego, CA

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If you come across a violent crime or serious accident, the experience may leave you traumatized. However, for your own safety, you need to know how to appropriately act in such a situation. Usually, violent crime and trauma scenes contain blood and other biohazard materials. If these materials are not handled or cleaned properly, then they can spread disease and infection.

In San Diego, CA, ServiceMaster EMT helps clean biohazard materials from homes and businesses by providing them with trauma and crime scene cleaning services. In addition to removing blood and other bodily fluids from crime and trauma scenes, our technicians are capable of removing and cleaning sewage, mold, and other biohazard materials.


Biohazard Cleanup San Diego, CA

Every one of the technicians we employ at ServiceMaster EMT is properly trained and certified to conduct removal and cleaning of blood, mold, tissues, dangerous chemicals, sewage backups, and all kinds of biohazard materials.

Our technicians are geared with personal protective equipment (PPE) that keep them safe, and we use the industry’s best cleaning products and equipment. It’s important that only a certified professional cleans biohazard materials because these materials contain hazardous bacteria and toxins that have the potential to spread infection and disease. Furthermore, our biohazard cleaning services comply with state and OSHA health regulations.

The following can be cleaned within our trauma cleanup services:

Trauma Cleanup San Diego, CA

If your property is the site of a serious accident or violent crime that has resulted in a severe injury or death, then you need to act immediately. In the case of a crime, call law enforcement. Then get in touch with ServiceMaster EMT to have our professional technicians clean and restore the scene.

We are trained to cooperate with law enforcement officials working the scene, so we can conduct our services without jeopardizing the investigation. Additionally, our technicians are always compassionate and work discreetly, knowing that clients may be grieving.

Our trauma and crime scene cleaning services involve the following:

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning in San Diego, CA

  • Technicians who are not only highly trained but are also respectful and compassionate
  • Thorough biohazard material removal, including cleaning and disinfection of affected areas
  • Safe, proper biohazard material disposal at a licensed facility
  • Compliance with safety standards and regulations at the local, state, and federal levels

If you come across a trauma or crime scene that involves biohazard materials, then you need to be cautious. Biohazard materials can spread infection and disease, making them unsafe to handle. Get in touch with ServiceMaster EMT for the trauma and crime scene cleaning services we provide in San Diego, CA.

Our technicians have the proper training, expertise, and gear to safely and effectively clean and restore these scenes. We are also always compassionate and respectful in our work, knowing clients might be grieving.

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You do a good job!

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Abraham is a true gentleman, kind, thoughtful and sincere. I really appreciate the empathy he showed when he saw my home in such disarray. I would always refer your company Thank you fior sending a technician that was sincere and knowledgeable.
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