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Biohazard Cleanup in Racine, WI


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We can never imagine the emotions experienced when discovering the scene of a violent crime or accident on a property, especially when a loved one is involved. But despite these emotions, taking immediate action to protect your health and safety is critical; don’t hesitate to call the local authorities as well as a team of restoration professionals to clean your property.
RestorationMaster provides biohazard cleanup services in Racine, WI to fully restore homes and businesses from violent crimes and accidents. Our technicians work with law enforcement to avoid compromising the investigation as well as use powerful cleaners to effectively restore your property.

Dangers from Biohazards

Despite efforts to save money, cleaning up your property from biohazards is never safe due to the amount of bacteria, pathogens, and viruses contained within the blood and bodily fluids. While law enforcement can handle the biohazards, they are not licensed to perform the cleanup service, nor are they responsible for doing so.
RestorationMaster has years of experience in restoring properties from violent accidents and crimes. Our technicians are not only trained, but also licensed to use personal protective equipment (PPE) and powerful chemical cleaners to fully disinfect your property. We also understand that these situations often involve grieving families, which is why we work efficiently and discreetly to avoid any disruption to personal activities.

All of the following steps are included within our biohazard cleanup services:

• Decontamination: As soon as you call our professionals, we will arrive right away, using powerful cleaners and restoration equipment to restore safe and healthy living conditions to your property.
• Proper Disposal: All of the biohazards are placed into medical waste containers and delivered to a licensed facility for safe disposal.
• Odor Removal: Our technicians use powerful technology, including ozone generators and hydroxyl machines to remove remaining odors from the biohazards.
• Protection of Privacy: We understand that these situations often involve the loss or injury of a loved one, which is why we ensure to protect your privacy when arriving in unmarked vehicles.
• Assistance with Insurance Claims: To provide additional peace of mind, we will work with your insurance claims adjuster to ensure a smooth process.

Our technicians work with each of the following scenarios when providing biohazard cleanup:

• Hoarding
• Homicides
• Car accidents
• Violent accidents and deaths
• Suicides

Available 24/7

If your home or building was recently affected by a violent crime or accident, don’t hesitate to contact RestorationMaster at (262) 373-6676 for emergency biohazard cleanup services in Racine, WI.

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