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Hard Surface Floor Cleaning for Racine, WI

ServiceMaster Kwik Restore

(262) 373-6676
Hard surface floors like hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate are used in many residential and commercial settings where durable flooring is needed.  These floors can withstand a high volume of foot traffic, they are moisture resistant, and they are available in many styles to suit the décor of the space.  It is important to regularly clean and maintain all types of hard surface floors because they can gather dirt and debris that Service Master Kwik Restore - Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Racine,WIwill cause discoloration and eventually damage the floor.  ServiceMaster Kwik Restore provides hard surface floor cleaning services in Racine, WI to thoroughly clean hard flooring in homes and commercial buildings.  Our advanced cleaning equipment can remove embedded debris and stains safely from any type of hard surface floor.

Hard surface flooring may be durable, but excessive debris buildup can eventually lead to damage and shorten the life of the floors.  Dirt, dust, and other debris accumulate in the crevices between tiles and floor panels where it can damage the adhesives of the floor and wear out the finish.  This buildup can also cause stains and discoloration of the floor which can make the entire space look bad.  This debris cannot be removed simply with sweeping and mopping and if it is allowed to accumulate, it can drastically shorten the life of the floor.

The technicians of ServiceMaster Kwik Restore have advanced cleaning equipment that can remove debris from cracks and crevices as well as remove stains from the surface of the floor.  We can also restore the original shine and appearance of your floor with our refinishing services.

You can expect the following results with our hard surface floor cleaning services:Service Master Kwik Restore - Hard Surface Floor Cleaning in Racine,WI

  • Complete removal of dirt and stains
  • Restored color and shine
  • Quick and efficient cleaning services

Professional cleaning services are important for maintaining your hard surface floors and preserving their life and appearance.  If the hard floors in your home or office in Racine, WI are starting to look stained or discolored, give ServiceMaster Kwik Restore a call.  You can reach us at (262) 373-6676 to set up an appointment.