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Fire Damage Restoration for Racine, WI


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Fires are possibly the most difficult disasters to deal with.  They put you and your family at immediate risk for injury, cause widespread damage to your home or belongings, and will keep causing damage even after the fire is extinguished.  It is important to get the home or building evacuated and call 911 when a fire occurs, and you must start the restoration process as soon as possible after the fire is out.  RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services in Racine, WI to restore homes and businesses that have sustained damage from fire and smoke.  Our technicians are ready to repair the structural damage to your home or building and restore surfaces and objects affected by corrosive byproducts.

Restoring Homes And Buildings From Soot Damage

After the fire department puts out the fire, they will clear the property to be reentered for restoration.  You must give us a call immediately after this happens.  The heat from the fire creates corrosive byproducts that can keep spreading long after the fire is out.  These corrosive byproducts, as well as soot from the smoke, settle on household surfaces and objects.  The discoloration and etching that these substances cause can permanently damage the affected surfaces and objects unless they can be quickly cleaned and restored.  Our technicians use powerful chemical cleaners that can remove the effects of soot and corrosive byproducts from the affected materials.

After calling RestorationMaster for fire damage restoration, make sure you follow these tips:

  • Do not try to clean furniture, wood, or drywall surfaces affected by soot damage.
  • Do not use the heating or cooling.
  • Save damaged electronics for safety inspection before use.
  • Do not try to remove your furniture.
  • Dispose of any food products that might be contaminated.

At RestorationMaster, our technicians focus on restoring the physical damage to your home and belongings as well as removing the odors left by the fire and smoke.  Our effective deodorization techniques will ensure that any lingering odor is completely removed, and we also provide pack-out services to treat your damaged personal items.  Our technicians will carefully pack up your damaged items and take them to our facility for thorough cleaning and storage.

The condition of your home or building will only get worse after a fire until something is done.  As soon as the fire department clears your property in Racine, WI, contact RestorationMaster for our fire damage restoration services.  Our technicians will prevent the damage from spreading and reverse the effects of soot and corrosive byproducts.  You can reach us any time at (262) 373-6676 to respond to your emergencies in Racine, WI.

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