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Biohazard Cleanup in Woodstock, IL



Nobody expects to discover the scene of a violent crime or accident on their property, especially when it involves a loved one. But maintaining your distance and calling the authorities as well as a team of biohazard cleanup professionals is crucial towards protecting your health and safety and starting an investigation.
RestorationMaster is available 24/7 in Woodstock, IL to provide biohazard and crime scene cleanup services for homes and buildings involved in violent crimes and accidents. Each of our professionals is licensed and trained to restore your property from the aftermath of these accidents. We also take a compassionate approach as we understand these situations may involve the loss or injury of a loved one.

Dangers from Biohazards

Biohazard cleanup should never be considered a DIY project, due to the number of bacteria and pathogens they contain; any mishandling of blood or bodily fluids can result in serious illness or disease. While law enforcement often uses these materials as evidence, they are not legally responsible for cleaning up the mess.
As soon as you call RestorationMaster for professional biohazard cleanup, we respond right away, arriving in unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy. We will then use powerful cleaners and personal protective equipment (PPE) to fully clean and restore your property. Any lingering odors will also be removed using deodorizing technology.

All of the following steps are included within our trauma cleanup services:

• Disinfection: As soon as we arrive, we will remove all biohazards, blood, and bodily tissue, followed by disinfecting the building materials to restore safe and healthy living conditions.
• Proper Disposal: The biohazards are placed into medical waste containers and delivered to a licensed medical facility for proper disposal.
• Deodorization: All odors are eliminated using powerful technology, including hydroxyl and ozone machines.
• Protection of Privacy: RestorationMaster ensures to protect your privacy during the service, which is why we arrive in unmarked vehicles and take a compassionate approach to the cleaning service.
• Insurance Claims Support: Our staff will work with your insurance adjuster during the claims process so you can focus on other matters.

RestorationMaster can provide cleanup services for each of the following situations:

• Hoarding
• Homicides
• Suicides
• Violent accidents and deaths
• Car accidents

Available 24/7

Don’t hesitate to contact RestorationMaster at 888-915-8868 for emergency biohazard cleanup services in Woodstock, IL or the surrounding areas.