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Mold Removal in Prospect Heights, IL 60070

(847) 380-7888

Mold destroys anything it touches, in addition to irritating eyes, lungs, and nasal passages. Many individuals visit their doctor thinking they have a cold, but discover they are reacting to the fungus in their home.

ServiceMaster By Metzler provides professional mold removal services to homes and businesses in Prospect Heights, IL. Our technicians have the proper training, equipment, and products to find and eliminate all traces of mold growth.

Damages Caused by Mold

Mold growth begins within 48 hours of exposure to excess moisture. It grows quickly due to the microscopic spores in the air; however, home remedies will not always be able to remove them. The spores feed off common sources of cellulose like paint, drywall, and wood, so all they need is a source of moisture to start growing and spread the damage.

Mold Remediation – Check Out This Video

For professional mold remediation services in Prospect Heights, IL, call ServiceMaster by Metzler at (847) 380-7888.

Mold Remediation Process

The professionals at ServiceMaster By Metzler are fully trained and certified to provide mold removal services to homes and businesses in Prospect Heights, IL and surrounding areas. Our training, experience, and equipment have allowed us to find and eliminate all cases before they can spread any further. We will then secure these areas to prevent the fungus from returning in the future.

Our mold remediation process includes all of the following procedures:Mold-Remediation-Services-in-Prospect-Heights-IL

  • Full assessment of the affected area
  • Development of a mold remediation plan to contain, clean, and rebuild damage
  • Containment of the mold to stop the spread
  • Removal, repair, and/or replacement of damaged surfaces and items
  • A full report of our findings for you and your insurance company

Mold Damage Restoration – What to Do

  • Call ServiceMaster by Metzler immediately to prevent additional damage.
  • Wear protective gear like gloves, masks, and eyewear when in the presence of mold to protect yourself.
  • Open doors and windows to the outside to let in fresh air, if the weather is warm enough.
  • Dry any visible condensation, but avoid touching the mold.
  • Run the HVAC system and a dehumidifier to keep humidity low.

Mold Damage Restoration – What NOT to Do:

  • Don’t try to remove it yourself, especially with homemade cleaners. They’re not strong enough and can spread the spores.
  • Don’t paint over the mold.
  • Don’t touch the mold directly. The spores can release, not only spreading themselves further, but also making anyone nearby sick.

Mold grows quickly, destroying property and aggravating health problems. That’s why it’s important to call ServiceMaster By Metzler at the first sign of mold growth. We will respond quickly, arriving to your property with all equipment and products necessary to fully remove and prevent it from returning in the future.

ServiceMaster By Metzler is available at (847) 380-7888 for professional mold removal services in Prospect Heights, IL.

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