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Disaster Restoration in Elk Grove Village, IL

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ProTech Restoration

ProTech Restoration has been a reliable provider of disaster restoration and cleaning services for Elk Grove Village, IL, and the surrounding areas since 2003.  Our office is located in Elk Grove Village, IL and we serve homes and businesses throughout Cook County, including the city of Chicago.  We are dedicated to not only providing effective restoration and cleaning services to help you recover in the aftermath of a disaster, but also providing complete reconstruction services to rebuild your home or business after sustaining serious damage.  As part of ProTech Restoration’s nationwide catastrophic response network, we are prepared for any type of large loss.

The main services that we provide include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Frozen Pipes Flood Cleanup
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Content cleaning and pack-outs
  • Reconstruction
  • Post construction cleanup
  • Commercial Restoration
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Odor removal

Water Damage Restoration – Elk Grove Village, IL Water Damage Restoration - ProTech Restoration

Finding excess water or moisture in your home may not seem like an emergency, but even small amounts of water can become a significant problem.  Water damage can occur as the result of flooding, rain, humidity, pipe bursts, leaks, and overflows. All levels of damage, from standing water to a puddle, can get absorbed and cause significant structural damage or mold growth.  ProTech Restoration provides water damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Elk Grove Village, IL to remove excess water and dry the affected structural elements and objects.  We respond within an hour of your call to stop the spread of the damage. Finally, we use advanced equipment to thoroughly dry affected structural elements and other objects such as clothing and electronics.

Sewage Cleanup – Elk Grove Village, IL Sewage Cleanup - ProTech Restoration

Contaminated water and sewage are extremely hazardous when they penetrate your property in an uncontrolled manner. This can happen through sewage backups, leaks, and similar events. On the light side, the damage can mirror water damage (where discoloration, deterioration, and permanent damage are all possibilities). On the heavy side, this same damage can occur in addition to harmful bacteria and viruses causing health complications for those exposed. At ProTech Restoration, we address these dangerous situations with our sewage cleaning services in Elk Grove Village, IL. We will restore your property to a safe and livable condition.

Frozen Pipes Flood Cleanup in Elk Grove Village, ILFrozen Pipes Flood Cleanup - ProTech Restoration

Below freezing temperatures in the Elk Grove Village, IL area can put the pipes within your home or building at risk of freezing.  When water freezes, the ice expands against the walls of the pipe, eventually causing the it to burst under the pressure.  Hundreds of gallons of water can quickly spill out of a burst pipe and cause major water damage.  ProTech Restoration provides frozen pipe damage restoration services in Elk Grove Village, IL to clean up and repair the damage caused by the excess water.  Our technicians will extract the water, repair the resulting damage, and help prevent mold growth.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Elk Grove Village, ILFire and Smoke Damage Restoration - ProTech Restoration

Fires are among the most feared disasters, not only because of the threat of physical harm they pose, but because of the extensive damage they cause to homes and buildings.  The fire itself can significantly damage the objects and surfaces it touches while the corrosive byproducts and soot created by the fire can spread and cause damage after the flames have been extinguished.  ProTech Restoration provides fire and smoke damage restoration services in Elk Grove Village, IL to restore and rebuild homes and businesses after a fire.  We will effectively restore surfaces and objects affected by fire and soot as well as rebuild heavily damaged homes and buildings with our reconstruction services.

Mold Remediation Services – Elk Grove Village, ILMold Remediation and Mold Removal - ProTech Restoration

Mold can be a very difficult problem to prevent because the spores naturally exist in the air; therefore, if they find the right conditions in your home or building, you could be dealing with mold growth in the future.  This occurs in environments that provide a food and moisture source. Its presence can also cause significant damage and discoloration to the affected surfaces as well as health problems from exposure.  ProTech Restoration provides mold remediation services in Elk Grove Village, IL to thoroughly remove mold growth and restore the damage.  Mold commonly occurs due to excess moisture or water damage and we will make sure the home or building is dry to prevent additional damage.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services – Elk Grove Village, ILContent Cleaning and Pack-Out Services - ProTech Restoration

The damage from a disaster is rarely confined to the structural elements and furnishings of your home as your personal items are also usually affected.  A range of personal content from decorative items to clothing and other objects can sustain damage from water, fire, and mold. Ultimately, many of these items will become permanently damaged if they are not fully cleaned and restored.  ProTech Restoration provides content cleaning and pack-out services in Elk Grove Village, IL to clean and restore a variety of personal content that has been damaged in a disaster.  We have the training and equipment to effectively restore and deodorize your content. We can also provide pack-out services if your home is not in stable condition.

Reconstruction Services – Elk Grove Village, ILReconstruction Services - ProTech Restoration

When a natural disaster causes damage to a home or building that affects its structural integrity, it requires construction services as well as disaster restoration to have it restored to its previous condition.  In these situations, it helps to call the professionals that will provide effective restoration and reconstruction your home.  ProTech Restoration provides reconstruction services in Elk Grove Village, IL to rebuild heavily-damaged homes and buildings.  Our technicians have the training and the resources to provide complete construction services and project management to restore your home and your peace of mind after a disaster.

Post Construction Cleanup Services – Elk Grove Village, IL Post Construction Cleanup Services - ProTech Restoration

To discover a mess after reconstruction or renovation services is not only unpleasant, it can actually be dangerous. While nails and screws left on the floor create safety hazards, any puddles of water can harbor the perfect conditions for mold. Sawdust can also create blockages within the HVAC system, increasing the rates on the heating and cooling bills. But in order to avoid all of these problems, ProTech Restoration provides professional post construction cleanup services in the Elk Grove Village, IL area to effectively clean the construction site within your property. With our services, all sawdust, nails, screws, dirt, and water will be effectively removed. We will also deodorize the property to ensure that there are no reminders of the damage. We will also work with your insurance provider during the claims process to ease your stress during this time.

Carpet Cleaning Services – Elk Grove Village, ILCarpet Cleaning Services - ProTech Restoration

The condition of your carpeting can deeply impact the look and feel of the entire room. In this case, it is important that it is kept in a clean condition in order to keep the room looking pristine and modern. However, it may be difficult to maintain with normal vacuuming jobs as they will not extract all of the dirt and debris that have become embedded within the fibers. ProTech Restoration is available for professional carpet cleaning services in the Elk Grove Village, IL area. Our technicians use advanced equipment and products to leave your carpeting looking just as it did when it was first purchased. This is done through an advanced cleaning technique called the hot water extraction method. Finally, with our services, you can expect the entire room to look clean as a result of a fresh, pristine carpet.

Commercial Disaster Restoration – Elk Grove Village, ILCommercial Disaster Restoration - ProTech Restoration

Watching a natural disaster tear apart your business building can be one of the most horrifying experiences for any business owner. But the thought of permanent destruction can scream business failure in your head, there is still hope. No matter what kind of commercial restoration services you need, ProTech Restoration is available 24/7 in Elk Grove Village, IL. We have years of experience cleaning and restoring damage to businesses from fires, floods, mold, and more. Our experts use advanced products and equipment to clean and restore damaged items thoroughly. We are also able to handle residential and commercial properties of all sizes.

Odor Removal Services – Elk Grove Village, ILOdor Removal Services - ProTech Restoration

There are a number of events that can lead to lingering odors on your property. While fire, water, and smoke damage are among the most common, we address all of these and more. Through ProTech Restoration’s odor removal services in Elk Grove Village, IL, we make use of specialized equipment, technologies, and procedures to eliminate odors at their source, and prevent them from returning in the future. If you are a property owner struggling with unpleasant aromas, we encourage you to give us a call.

Contact Us 24/7 for Restoration and Cleaning Services

Each of our technicians has been highly trained and uses the most advanced cleaning products and equipment available to complete our services within the guidelines of the IICRC, the EPA, and OSHA.  If you need disaster restoration or construction services for your home or building in Elk Grove Village, IL, or the surrounding areas, you can reach ProTech Restoration 24 hours a day at (847) 558-6604 for emergency service.

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Helpful Information for you

What to Know About Commercial Water Damage

Buildings are valuable assets for business owners, and evaluating potential structural damage is a matter of importance. Even with preventative measures in place, incidents such as frozen and burst pipes, backed-up sewage lines, and floods can still happen unexpectedly.

Understanding the causes of accidents is important in the water damage restoration process because it allows for the implementation of correct procedures and necessary actions, which can save time and money.

Please review these facts about water damage to enhance building protection against water damage and effectively manage water damage incidents.

How Long Does it Take to Rebuild Your Home After a Fire?

Please refer to the provided information for specific details on the duration of the home reconstruction process following fire damage. When determining the timeline for home reconstruction after a fire, it is important to consider various factors. The duration of home reconstruction after a fire depends on factors such as the extent of the damage and the allocated budget for fire damage restoration and reconstruction.

10 Places in Your Home Where Hidden Mold can be Found

Hidden mold can form in any part of your home that has moisture, an organic food source, and limited exposure to light, as these conditions provide an ideal environment for mold to grow. Mold is capable of growing in hidden areas such as wall cavities, beneath carpets, above ceilings, and in spaces and appliances that are exposed to moisture, such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerator drip pans. It is recommended to regularly inspect areas that are prone to hidden mold growth, as untreated mold can cause significant damage. Detecting it early can have benefits such as preventing damage, avoiding costly repairs, and reducing potential complications to one’s health. Here are the locations that may have a higher risk of hidden mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ProTech Restoration available 24 hours for water extraction in Streamwood, IL?

A: Yes, ProTech Restoration provides 24-hour emergency service for water extraction, fire damage restoration, mold removal, and more. Customized restoration plans are tailored to the severity of damage.

Q: Are ProTech Restoration technicians trained and licensed?

A: Yes, ProTech Restoration technicians are highly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured to handle all levels of water damage, utilizing advanced water extraction equipment and techniques.

Q: How does ProTech Restoration handle sewage cleanup?

A: ProTech Restoration provides complete sewage cleanup, including removing dangerous sewage water, repairing and restoring damaged materials, and ensuring a safe and disinfected environment.

Recent Reviews

Review by Amy Jachna

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Had a great experience working with Marshall when we had an emergency leak at my mom’s house. He immediately started working to salvage what we could. I felt like he absolutely understood the urgency, and treated my mom like his own! He and the rest of the team were super easy to work with and answered our (many) questions along the way. They were very transparent about the process which was extremely helpful as this was our first time with this kind of issue in 30+ years of owning the house. We so appreciate ProTech for aiding us during our time of need."

Review by Lynn Gibson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"My experience with ProTech was wonderful from the first visit thru the last. Ben did a great job of evaluating the work that needed to be done and explaining everything to me. Frank and Sergio were great to work with because they were pleasant AND they were so very careful about everything they did. All in all, I give the ProTech team an A+!"

Review by Kelsey Swyter

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I had a pipe burst and subsequent leakage into my basement. At first I thought that we maybe stopped it in time since we could not see obvious damage but Marshall at ProTech said it would be a good idea to check it out anyway and came out within a couple of days. I’m so glad he did since there was more damage than we anticipated. Marshall explained the damage thoroughly using his imaging techniques and provided a quote within the day. Pricing was good and our insurance accepted the proposal immediately. The ProTech team was able to do the water damage mitigation about a week after the incident and on a Saturday no less. Everything was done super quickly and professionally. While I do not want to deal with any more water damage, the repairs using ProTech were painless. I would recommend this company and especially Marshall to anyone in the same situation."

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