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Restoration and Cleaning Services in Arlington Heights, IL

NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

Serving Lake County, part of Cook County, IL, and the surrounding areas, we can be reached 24/7/365

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Your local NuEra Restoration and Remodeling partner takes pride in serving Lake County and the Northwest suburbs of the city of Chicago and is recognized as a leader in the industry because of their expertise in water restoration, fire restoration, air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Our experienced technicians know how to assess the damages and provide an appropriate plan of action. With our state of the art equipment and professional services, you can be sure to receive the best restoration services to your property. We pride ourselves in servicing both residential and commercial clients in their time of need.

We remain committed to the pursuit of excellence, providing state of the art technology, equipment and trained, certified staff when addressing any of your cleaning or restoration needs

Water Damage Restoration – Arlington Heights, ILwater damage restoration - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

Water is all around us in the natural environment which is why water damage is the most common type of property damage in homes and buildings.  Excess water or moisture may get into a home due to heavy rain, flooding, burst pipes, plumbing leaks, or sewage backup and it can spread through porous building materials to cause extensive damage and possibly mold growth.  Your local NuEra Restoration and Remodeling partner provides water damage restoration services to remove water from homes and businesses in Arlington Heights, IL and restore the resulting damage.  We use state-of-the-art drying equipment to completely dry the furnishings and structural elements of your home.

Sewage Cleanup – Arlington Heights, IL

Sewage or septic backups create dangerous situations and cause significant damage to homes and businesses. The toxic materials in sewage are harmful to approach, so it’s best to keep clear and contact a professional sewage removal service right away. NuEra Restoration and Remodeling provides sewage cleanup in Arlington Heights, IL. We quickly respond to sewage backups and will begin extracting waste materials and sewage water immediately upon arriving. Afterward, the affected area will be disinfected and treated to bring it back to a safe condition.

Flood Damage Restoration – Arlington Heights, IL

Few disasters result in more damage than indoor flooding as the standing water can quickly penetrate furnishings and building materials to cause extensive property damage.  Indoor flooding can happen at any time because of severe weather or an internal issue such as an overflow, plumbing leak, or burst pipe.  It is important to clean up flooding immediately to not only prevent further damage, but also decrease the risk of mold growth. Your local NuEra Restoration and Remodeling partner provides flood damage restoration services to clean up the effects of flooding for homes and businesses in Arlington Heights, IL.  Our technicians can effectively remove all flood water as well as dry and clean up the affected areas.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration – Arlington Heights, IL

A house fire typically happens with little to no warning and the damage it causes in a home or building can be extensive.  The flames themselves cause charring while the corrosive byproducts and soot from the smoke spread well beyond the areas touched by the fire to cause tarnishing and etching.  Your local NuEra Restoration and Remodeling partnerprovides smoke and fire damage restoration services in Arlington Heights, IL to clean up and restore homes and buildings damaged by fire.  Our advanced equipment and cleaning products allow us to effectively restore fire and soot damage and we can also remove smoke odors.

Carpet Cleaning Services – Arlington Heights, IL

The carpet may be the most used furnishing in a home or office because it experiences consistent foot traffic on a daily basis.  This consistent use causes dirt and debris to accumulate within the carpet fibers that over time will cause the carpet to look dirty, stained, or worn out.  It takes professional cleaning services to fully clean and restore dirty carpeting, and your local NuEra Restoration and Remodeling partner provides professional carpet cleaning for homes and businesses in Arlington Heights, IL.  We can thoroughly remove embedded debris from the carpet fibers with our advanced cleaning equipment and we also have cleaners that are effective for removing stains.

professional painting services by NuEra Restoration and RemodelingPainting Services – Arlington Heights, IL

The curb appeal of a home or building can affect the impression people get of your home or business as well as the value of your property.  The best way to boost the curb appeal of your home, or improve the appearance of interior areas, is with a new paint job.  At NuEra Restoration and Remodeling, we provide professional painting services for homes and commercial buildings in Arlington Heights, IL.  Our professionals are meticulous in our approach to ensure a neat paint job with little hassle.

Reconstruction Services – Arlington Heights, ILReconstruction and Remodeling Services by NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

A property can be devastated due to fire, floods, storm damage or other disasters. However, the right construction team can bring the building back to its original condition through full restoration and repair. NuEra Restoration and Remodeling provides construction services in Arlington Heights, IL. Our certified crews will assess every aspect of the reconstruction or remodeling project and then get to work in performing total structural repair.


If you are in need of any services listed above, call us at (630) 656-9915.

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Helpful Information for you

What to Know About Commercial Water Damage

Buildings are important assets for business owners, and analyzing potential structural damage is a matter of importance. Despite the implementation of preventive measures, unforeseen incidents like freezing and bursting pipes, backed-up sewage lines, and floods may still occur.

Understanding the causes of accidents can be beneficial during the water damage restoration process as it helps in following the appropriate procedures and taking necessary actions, thereby saving time and money.

Take into account these facts about water damage to improve your building’s protection against water damage and efficiently handle water damage incidents.

How Long Does it Take to Rebuild Your Home After a Fire?

Please consult the provided information for specific details regarding the duration of the home reconstruction process after fire damage. When determining the timeline for home reconstruction following a fire, it is important to take into account multiple factors. The time it takes to rebuild a home after a fire depends on factors such as the severity of the damage and the budget allocated for fire damage restoration and reconstruction.

10 Places in Your Home Where Hidden Mold can be Found

Hidden mold can be present in areas of your home where there is moisture, an organic food source, and minimal exposure to light, creating favorable conditions for mold growth. Mold can grow in hidden areas like wall cavities, under carpets, above ceilings, and in spaces and appliances that have moisture contact, such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerator drip pans. It is recommended to regularly inspect areas that are prone to concealed mold growth as untreated mold can cause significant damages. Detecting it early can provide benefits such as preventing damage, avoiding expensive repairs, and minimizing potential health complications. Here are the locations that have a potentially high risk of hidden mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is NuEra Restoration and Remodeling available 24 hours for water extraction in Streamwood, IL?

A: Yes, NuEra Restoration and Remodeling provides 24-hour emergency service for water extraction, fire damage restoration, mold removal, and more. Customized restoration plans are tailored to the severity of damage.

Q: Are NuEra Restoration and Remodeling technicians trained and licensed?

A: Yes, NuEra Restoration and Remodeling technicians are highly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured to handle all levels of water damage, utilizing advanced water extraction equipment and techniques.

Q: How does NuEra Restoration and Remodeling handle sewage cleanup?

A: NuEra Restoration and Remodeling provides complete sewage cleanup, including removing dangerous sewage water, repairing and restoring damaged materials, and ensuring a safe and disinfected environment.

Recent Reviews

Review by Kiara Robinson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Clint and his team were AWESOME!!! He was very considerate of my time and space. I was very frustrated when he arrived & when he left I felt happy and relieved that my issue was resolved! He made sure to clean everything with non-toxic chemicals so that my kids would be safe, he explained everything he was doing and executed it perfectly. I had a leak in my ceiling and sewage water everywhere. He put in the time and hard work to disinfect, clean, and dry everything throughly. He was quick, efficient, and respectful! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who has an issue in their space. Thank you Clint."

Review by Sara Ofenloch

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Our technician Alec came in and re-padded the carpet that had been torn up last week due to water damage. He was so friendly and talkative, and worked very quickly to get the job done! In and out within 30 minutes so that I could get on with my day. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Alec!"

Review by Saima I

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"After our apartment flooded on Chirstmas Eve, we were worried about dry wall repairs and patches, and disgusted by the stench. NuEra handled our dry wall replacement and patching and our carpets. We didn't get a business card from the man who worked on our walls and ceilings, but he did so without his partner that day. We are so grateful! After the drywall repairs, our carpets were cleaned so thoroughly and efficiently. Alex treated the carpet and scrubbed it out well before applying the deodorizer and scrubbing that in. He even got out a bright yellow stain from the water that had leaked in. It's such a relief to no longer live in a stinky apartment! Alex and Nick were wonderful! Thank you so much!"

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