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Water Damage Restoration Company in Des Plaines, IL

NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

(630) 656-9915

For over 30 years, NuEra Restoration and Remodeling has been proudly providing the Des Plaines, IL area with top-notch disaster restoration and cleaning services. Serving both homes and business, our technicians are knowledgeable and trained to handle the restoration or cleanup of any size property. With a 24/7 availability, we will arrive within 2 hours of your first call in order to prevent the damage from spreading.

Within our restoration services, we handle everything from removing the source of the damage to the complete reconstruction of the property. While we understand that each case will be unique, we will return it to its pre-existing condition in a timely manner. We also work with your insurance provider during the claims process so you can focus on other personal matters during this stressful time.

The primary restoration and cleaning services we provide include the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Sewage Cleanup
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Content cleaning and pack-outs
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Restoration
  • Reconstruction

With certifications from the IICRC and keeping in accordance with the guidelines of the EPA and OSHA, we are able to handle any type of disaster. If you have suffered any degree of damage on your commercial or residential property, call us right away at (630) 656-9915 near the Des Plaines, IL area.

Water Damage Restoration and Flood Cleanup – Des Plaines, ILwater damage restoration - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

When it comes to water damage, it can have the most damaging effects as well as require the most expensive repairs. Whether caused by a leak, flooding, burst pipes, or sewer backup, the damage will spread quickly without warning. As soon as you have noticed this damage, it is important to act immediately. When called right away, NuEra Restoration and Remodeling will first prevent the spread of damage, saving you as much time and money in repairs as possible by first addressing the areas with the most damage. With 24/7 water damage restoration and flood cleanup services in the Des Plaines, IL area, we will be there when you need it most to give you some peace of mind.

Frozen Pipe Flood Cleanup in Des Plaines, ILFrozen Pipes Flood Cleanup - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

The pipes in your home or building are at risk of freezing when the temperature gets cold enough in the winter.  Sub-freezing temperatures can cause the water within your pipes to freeze and put pressure on the pipe itself.  As the pressure mounts, the pipe will eventually burst and cause water to spill out into the home or building.  Burst pipes can spill hundreds of gallons of water and cause significant damage.  NuEra Restoration and Remodeling provides frozen pipe damage restoration in Des Plaines, IL to remove water from homes and buildings that have experienced a burst pipe.  Our technicians will effectively remove the water, restore the resulting damage, and check for mold growth.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Des Plaines, IL Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

Nothing can be more traumatic than to experience a property fire. But after calling the fire department to extinguish the flames, not many individuals know how to proceed in order to rescue the remainder of their home. The first step to take is to call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling for fire and smoke damage restoration services in the Des Plaines, IL area. Our team of technicians will arrive right away to stabilize the structure to prevent additional damage. We will also reconstruct the home or building to save you the effort of working with multiple contractors. With fire cleanup and reconstruction services, we will work with your insurance provider as well as salvage as many items as possible with content cleaning services.

Mold Removal – Des Plaines, ILMold Remediation Services - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

Mold is nothing but an annoying presence on a property. But before you add removing it to your weekend to-do list, it is highly recommended to have a professional remove it as soon as possible. This is because it will require special products in order to be removed effectively and safely. Otherwise, the wrong technique will only irritate it, dispersing its spores into the air and making matters worse. To prevent this from happening, call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling for a free estimate on mold remediation if the property is located in Des Plaines, IL. Our professional technicians will be able to remove any type of mold from all surfaces, regardless of how far it has spread. With the use of proper equipment and products, we will have the mold removed at its source as well as secure any areas that are at risk for future growth.

Content Cleaning and Pack-Outs – Des Plaines, ILContent Cleaning and Pack-Out Services - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

In the event of a fire or flood, there may be more belongings that have sustained severe damage than you may think. While some of these items can be difficult to replace, it is unimaginable to think about replacing everything. While your insurance company will work with you to compensate for as much of the loss as possible, money will not be able to replace precious heirlooms or hand-made possessions, such as a custom drawing, painting, or special blanket that was given to you by someone special. As these items hold an unmeasurable amount of sentimental value, it is extremely important to call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling for professional content cleaning and pack-out services in Des Plaines, IL. Our technicians will work quickly and efficiently to restore as many of your cherished belongings as possible. We can also have them restored at our facility if your property must be restored as well.

Reconstruction Services – Des Plaines, ILReconstruction Services - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

When a natural disaster occurs on your property, such as the flooding of the Des Plaines River, many property owners are left not knowing what to do. As their building structure and belongings are taking on heavy damage by the second, it can be extremely traumatic and stressful in terms of deciding how to act. The technicians at NuEra Restoration and Remodeling know and understand that time is of the essence when it comes to reconstructing your property in Des Plaines, IL. We are available 24/7 and will arrive right away to repair all damage that was incurred during the disaster. From board ups to restoring water and fire damage, we will take care of all repairs while providing open and clear communication throughout the entire process.

Post Construction Cleanup – Des Plaines, IL Post Construction Cleanup Services - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

If you have found dirt and debris covering your property after having reconstruction services, this can certainly be a major disappointment. The last thing any property owner wants to think about is additional work needed on their home or building. However, NuEra Restoration and Remodeling will handle the job with professional post construction cleaning for homes and commercial buildings in the Des Plaines, IL area. From cleaning caked mud off the floor to ridding the air of floating sawdust, we will ensure that your house or building is completely clean and restored from all damage and construction leftovers. With our services, you won’t ever have to worry about coming back to your property left in a disaster, rather, one that provides a safe and clean environment for you and your family or staff.

Carpet Cleaning Services – Des Plaines, ILCarpet Cleaning Services - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

If you are a home or business owner with many pets, kids, employees, or clients, it is highly likely that you will need a professional carpet cleaning at least once each year. While the features of residential and commercial carpet will vary, they will both still incur everyday wear and tear from foot traffic. Whether there is pet hair and dander, dirt and debris, or stains of the carpet fibers, a vacuuming job can only do so much. If you want a carpet that looked just as it did when it was first purchased, call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling for professional carpet cleaning services in the Des Plaines, IL area. Our technicians have years of experience in using advanced equipment and techniques not only to clean your carpet but actually extend its lifespan. Call us today for a free estimate.

Commercial Restoration – Des Plaines, ILCommercial Restoration - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

NuEra Restoration and Remodeling provides quality commercial restoration services to commercial clients in Des Plaines, IL. Our professionals have the tools and training to provide remediation after floods, fires, mold infestations, and other disasters. We use professional products and equipment to thoroughly clean and restore items before the damage becomes permanent, as well as stabilize and rebuild damaged structural elements. No matter the size of your restoration project or the extent of the cleanup, our technicians work efficiently and effectively so you can resume business activities as soon as possible.

Odor Removal – Des Plaines, ILOdor Removal Services - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

Lingering odors can be a major nuisance when they are not addressed properly. Many residential and commercial property owners attempt to mask odors, but do not take the proper steps to eliminate them at their source. At NuEra Restoration and Remodeling, we attack lingering odors at their source through our odor removal services provided for properties in Des Plaines, IL. We provide advanced air cleaning and deodorization services, as well as treatments for affected surfaces, materials, and belongings.

Sewage Cleaning – Des Plaines, ILSewage Cleanup Services - NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

Water damage scenarios that involve sewage, or other forms of contaminated liquid, are particularly dangerous. This is because they can cause all of the damage associated with relatively clean water, as well as result in adverse health conditions for anybody exposed. At NuEra Restoration and Remodeling, we do what we can to prevent these consequences by offering complete sewage cleaning services to property owners in Des Plaines, IL. We safely remove contaminated fluids and materials, and address any damage caused by their presence.

Painting Services – Des Plaines, ILprofessional painting services by NuEra Restoration and Remodeling

If it is time to update the look of your home or office building, a new paint job is a great way to breathe new life into the space.  However, if the painting is done poorly, it can have the opposite effect.  It helps to have a professional take care of the painting to ensure quality results.  At NuEra Restoration and Remodeling, we provide painting services for homes and businesses in Des Plaines, IL.  Our professionals are meticulous in our execution to ensure a quality paint job.

Contact Us for Disaster Restoration in Des Plaines, IL

If you’re in need of round-the-clock disaster restoration and cleaning services in the Des Plaines, IL area, don’t hesitate to reach out to NuEra Restoration and Remodeling. With their extensive expertise and availability 24/7, they can provide you with the necessary assistance for any restoration or cleaning needs. For 24/7 disaster restoration and cleaning services in the Des Plaines, IL area, call NuEra Restoration and Remodeling at (630) 656-9915.

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Recent Reviews

Review by Kiara Robinson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Clint and his team were AWESOME!!! He was very considerate of my time and space. I was very frustrated when he arrived & when he left I felt happy and relieved that my issue was resolved! He made sure to clean everything with non-toxic chemicals so that my kids would be safe, he explained everything he was doing and executed it perfectly. I had a leak in my ceiling and sewage water everywhere. He put in the time and hard work to disinfect, clean, and dry everything throughly. He was quick, efficient, and respectful! I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who has an issue in their space. Thank you Clint."

Review by Sara Ofenloch

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Our technician Alec came in and re-padded the carpet that had been torn up last week due to water damage. He was so friendly and talkative, and worked very quickly to get the job done! In and out within 30 minutes so that I could get on with my day. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Alec!"

Review by Saima I

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"After our apartment flooded on Chirstmas Eve, we were worried about dry wall repairs and patches, and disgusted by the stench. NuEra handled our dry wall replacement and patching and our carpets. We didn't get a business card from the man who worked on our walls and ceilings, but he did so without his partner that day. We are so grateful! After the drywall repairs, our carpets were cleaned so thoroughly and efficiently. Alex treated the carpet and scrubbed it out well before applying the deodorizer and scrubbing that in. He even got out a bright yellow stain from the water that had leaked in. It's such a relief to no longer live in a stinky apartment! Alex and Nick were wonderful! Thank you so much!"

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