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In addition to the building structure within a property, the personal items can also take on severe damage from a natural disaster. As it may cost a fortune to replace some items, some insurance policies will not cover the cost of everything. In addition, once an item has been damaged, it is probable that it will spread to become permanent. However, not everything will have to be replaced if some belongings can be restored.

As long as ServiceMaster by Metzler is called right away, we can provide emergency content cleaning and pack-out services for both commercial and residential properties in the Des Plaines, IL area. Our technicians will arrive within two hours of your first call, examine each item, and begin cleaning those that have received the most damage.

Service Master by Metzler - Content Cleaning and Pack Out Services in Des Plaines, ILThe potential for significant damage can occur for one or more of the following:

  • Pests
  • Odor Contamination
  • Extreme Water or Flood Damage
  • Mold Damage
  • Soot, Smoke, or Fire Damage

No matter the type of damage, our technicians will take all measures necessary to restore as many of your belongings possible. Whether the restoration is performed on your property or our facility, they will use advanced products for different materials to return them to their original condition.

Content Restoration

As a home or building will contain a significant number of items, it can be overwhelming to discover that they have all taken on severe damage. However, the specialists at ServiceMaster by Metzler are available 24/7 to have all of these belongings cleaned, deodorized, and restored to their original conditions. We just recommend that we be called right away as the degree of damage can become worse over time. With proper care and cleaning, we will ensure that all residue and damage will be removed from all materials, saving you both time and money in replacements.

While the content restoration will usually occur on-site, sometimes the condition of the property has taken on too much damage to allow for the proper cleaning of the items. In this case, we will provide pack out services to have them cleaned at our facility.

Pack Outs

In the event that you have suffered a major loss and the property requires major reconstruction, it may not be safe to have the contents restore on-site. In this situation, we will carefully pack your items and transport them to our climate-controlled facility. We will create a detailed inventory of each item, providing a copy to both you and your insurance agent. After they have been properly cleaned at our facility, you can store them here until the restoration work on your home or building is complete. ServiceMaster by Metzler will then deliver them to your door when you are ready.

You can expect the following from our pack-out services:

  • Open and clear communication: If you have any questions about these services, please do not hesitate to call our main office or refer to your technician for help. They will be able to explain the process as well as provide additional information in regards to the restoration of your property.
  • Detailed inventory: A detailed list will be created after each item is packed and transported to our facility. This will allow you to keep track of each item as well as be organized during the restoration and cleaning process.
  • Service Master by Metzler - Content Cleaning and Pack Out Services in Des Plaines, ILRestoration, cleaning, and removal of odor: Once the items have arrived at our facility, we will immediately begin the restoration work, applying advanced cleaning chemicals to remove any residue within the material. They will all then be deodorized, removing any foul smells leftover from the damage.
  • Storage in climate-controlled facility: If the restoration of your content has been finished before your property, we can store them in our secure facility until the repairs to your home or building are complete.

When a natural disaster has severely damaged all of your personal items, it can be traumatic to think that you have lost everything. However, with emergency content restoration, many can actually be returned to their original conditions.

ServiceMaster by Metzler is available 24/7 at (847)380-7888 in the Des Plaines, IL area for emergency content restoration and pack-out services.

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